A little bit of pampering comes a long way at Nature’s Way

As someone who loves walking to places and now indulges in a lot of running to keep fit, I can say that my feet are one of the most abused part of my body. 

It often ends up tired, sore and callused — thanks to my many rigorous activities. I know that k should learn to treat it better, I mean it’s the only pair I have and have served me pretty well in all my 30 plus years. 

When the Hubs decided to renew his passport at the DFA West office located in SM Manila and I was left with no choice but to wander around because DFA does not allow companions inside, I decided to indulge a bit and get a foot spa at the Nature’s Way Aromatherapy Salon in front of the DFA office. 

I decided to avail of their Foot Spa service (P410) consist of a nice soak on the foot spa machine, another round of soak on the mint creme, rigorous buffing to remove the calluses, a good scrub and then a bit of massage. 


The whole service took about an hour  and was worth every penny. The spa staff was quick, courteous and very efficient. With quick strokes, I can imagine my calluses removed, smoothened and buffed. The massage was heavy but was not painful. With the first few strokes, I was pulled to sleep. 


nice interiors
Falling asleep is not impossible: considering the over stuffed chairs, the plump pillow propping you up while “ate” worked magic on my very tired and pathetic footsies. The spa has dimmed lighting, but no ambient music. The only thing that can be improved is the endless banter of the spa technicians which tend to be loud at times, which tend to ruin an otherwise peaceful “Me” time. 

The spa chairs was positioned on top of a sink covered with a “trap door” — so the staff can easily access the sink and the water source. It’s a convenient and ingenious idea and one that gets the job done. 

Would I recommend Nature’s Way? Yes. This aromatherapy spa gets the job done while not putting a dent on your wallet. 
NATURE’S WAY is at located at the third floor of SM Manila. This is not paid advertisement. I paid for the service I availed. 

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