The Bromance of Korean TV show 2Days, 1 Night

Like any aging yuppie, I am already past the phase of clubbing and crazy nights out. I noticed that I have become boring, prone to becoming a creature of habit, has started to prefer “staying in” rather than “staying out” and has no ounce of the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) virus. While people around me are posting pictures of (almost) naked bodies splayed on on far-away beaches, my Instagram feed is that of food I cook, my newly-born niece (her nickname is PennyLane) and #TBT of past travels.

My idea of fun is now playing with the cats and binge watching whatever catches my fancy on (internet) TV.

My current obsession is the Korean variety show 2Days1Night – while the show has been around (more than 7 years), I only discovered it recently after a really boring night looking for an interesting Korean show in Dramacool. What brought me first to the show is my weird obsession with Cha Tae Hyun, whom I have been crushing on since “My Sassy Girl”.

After watching a single episode and almost dying of laughter, I decided to trace it back to the start of Season 3 or the very first episode when the current cast joined the show.


pic credit goes to owner
pic credit goes to owner

From what I read, 2D1N used to be a very formidable show on its heyday until recently when ratings started dropping and the old cast left, with the exception of Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong-Min. The latest season (season 3) served as a fresh start and in fact, is slowly but surely recovering its lost mojo.

2D1N highlights what happens when you bring crazy guys together. What I love about the show is how the cast complimented each other well: Kim Jun Ho (Mr. Sly) is the crazy, cunning older brother who is not above cheating and conning his younger brothers just to win the game; Kim Joo Hyuk is the dashing debonair oldest brother who just can’t seem to get the girls; Defconn is the burly, imposing middle brother; Cha Tae Hyun is of course the popular ladies man while Kim Jong Min is the other middle brother who is a bit naive and a “little-out-there” while Jung Joon Young is the weird baby of the family who does things his way.

The glowing proof of just how funny this show is — I managed to influence the husband to watch the show religiously. He has become a 2Days1Night fan that he is often the first one to remind me of our 2D1N habit as soon as I get home from work. His favorite, of course, is Mr. Sly, with Kim Joo Hyuk coming a close second.
He loved the show so much that he is now fond of watching Korean variety shows on Channel M. One show we also love is “Grandpas over Flowers” because we find the old men really adorable.

So blame the wacky guys of 2D1N for my lack of time and even the lack of sleep. Nothing beats flushing all the day’s stress and negativity away by laughing your heart out (tears and snot included!)

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