She loves you, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! – Or how we treated Mom to a Beatles-themed party

We are a family of die-hard Beatles fanatics. Credit goes to our mom and dad who made sure we grew up appreciating really good music. One of our fondest memories is singing one Beatles song after another in a mean round of Videoke with my paternal uncles. Two of these favorite uncles and Beatles song partner has already passed on and no doubt, already stalking John Lennon and George Harrison in the Big Concert in the Sky.


So, when our mom turned 60 a few months back, it is only natural that we celebrated the momentous occasion with a party — and what can be cooler than a Beatles-themed party?

To set the theme, the first to be developed was her invites. Since she can’t choose between two colors, we printed both and distributed it to her friends:



Yup, our mum’s name is “Baby” — she’s one of the oldest “Babys” in the world. What can I do? Us Filipinos and our weird first names 🙂

Because we don’t want to give out the usual party souvenirs like figurines or the usual perfumed candles, a quick check in Pinterest immediately gave me an idea. This was the original concept:


Which, I am sure are machine printed. Because we do not have a printing machine and because we do not want to spend for printing, since we are confident that we can wing it by painting it ourselves (we are a family of artists, after all!) — we decided to paint every glass–piece by piece, by free hand! Here is the final outcome:

Beatles Party 3

The glasses were sourced in Divisoria, bought for PHP8 a piece, paint used was non-toxic acrylic and all done by hand. I started painting George Harrison then Paul McCartney, the Ringo Starr finally ending with John Lennon. Took me 4 days to finish everything. I was basically printing 15 pieces of glass per night, all by hand! The night before the party, the glasses were filled up with chocolates, wrapped in cellophane then finished with a ribbon and gift tag also designed by myself.

mama tag

This was the final outcome of the giveaways, as displayed on the sweets table, with Beatles-themed candies and a cake especially commissioned for her party:

Beatles Party 5

Beatles Party 6

Beatles Party 7

Beatles Party 1

Of course, there was also a photo booth as additional give-aways. Because we wanted to add to the usual funny hats and glasses used as props, I made cut-outs featuring the Beatles, of course!

Beatles Party 2

Complementing the theme was the music played through out the four-hour party. We were playing the Beatles, of course! What we did was download their whole discography to our iPods and then brought a portable speaker to venue. We pressed “play” and left the iPod alone.

My sister, my dad and I (the most avid Beatles fanatics of the bunch) made sure to wear our Fab Four shirts!

Beatles Party 4


Planning everything, with barely a month to go, was tiring but was so worth it when we saw how happy our mum was. She received a lot of gifts from her friends and her party was the talk of their “church group” for about two weeks after it happened. Just seeing her happy, it was worth all the trouble.

In reality, we didn’t find it hard planning the party — even if most of the task was done manually and without the benefit of an events crew. Quite honestly, planning the party was one of the best things we did in 2014 — it was fulfilling and something we see ourselves doing for a very long time.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. The V-Pub says:

    What a great idea!! The party favors look fantastic.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Thanks! The favors took me a long time but it’s so worth it 🙂

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