Creativity and the search for the familiar feels

how to be a creative person
Image from Buzzfeed

After working for ten years in corporate, I can feel that my creativity level has greatly diminished. I used to find inspiration in everything. But now, writing and trying to create something is like pulling teeth.

I have written about wanting to go back to writing in so many posts in this blog, not just writing blog posts — but really writing for a living again. This year, I have never been more determined to say goodbye to the corporate world than before. I just don’t feel as excited and as motivated with my current corporate job — maybe it’s the hunger to write again or at least learn something, instead of slaving in front of a computer for 8 hours per day. That’s really not harmless, but what’s more draining for me is the people — dealing with them, making them happy with their endless demands and insane requests; the need to compete; the need to write long and rambling self- evaluation on your performance appraisal sheet — honestly, I am just not feeling it anymore.

This realization was made more palpable when I was invited by a good friend to cover their tourism-related event recently. I was there in my capacity as a newbie travel blogger, eager to be of help to promote the local tourism. Upon arrival at the venue, I was seated in a table occupied by print journalists and more established bloggers. When the guest of honor arrived, I overheard the print journalists discussing among themselves if they should make a go at it and do the interview with the DOT secretary while the program has yet to start. They were discussing possible questions and debating if they should abandon dinner and just go ahead with the face-to-face interview. I actually felt jealous.

The problem with doing an about-face and starting a new career (even if you are a returnee) is getting your foot at the door, trying to get an opening or an opportunity. Once I have this covered, I know I’ll be on my way.

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