Together…let’s try new things

Let's Grow Mold Together

One of the things I have committed to honor this year is to have more time for Dear Hubby. The past year has been very tough for the both of us due to me being too busy and too preoccupied with my career; and him having to also face a lot of challenges professionally. 2014 was a turning point in our relationship because more than being a married couple, we also consider each other as our respective best friends and closest allies. The things we have to face in 2014 shook our little team to the very core. We are lucky that instead of us losing grip with each other, we emerged stronger and more wisened with the experience. Scarred, scared shitless — but definitely stronger than ever.


As we enter the 16th year of us being together (almost half of our lives!), we vowed that we will make each other a priority. Hence, the weekend has become very important to us — a day where we can just lounge and chill and spend time talking and assessing the situations we encounter. Funny that it took us more than a decade to approach the relationship with more maturity, less drama (from my end) and a more wider outlook in life.

This year, we are exited to begin our own bucket list–basically, all the new things we want to experience together. You see, I have been pretty selfish for the last three years as I basically discovered new countries and new cities on my own. When we talked about our issues last year, Dear Hubby mentioned that one of the things that always hurt or saddens him is when I travel on my own, leaving him in a lonely, stretch of days cooped up at home or at work and wondering where the hell his wife might be. After hearing this, I realized just how dense and selfish I was, how microscopic my view was. I was too consumed with the idea of discovering new things that I sometimes forget that the most important person in my life was often left reeling by my usual wandering.

Here’s a sample bucket list I found on the internet:

couple's list

I hope to work on our list, but figured it will be almost similar to this. We talked about wanting to try a new sport, which we were able to do last December. The Hubs and I tried Kayaking last December and it was one of the funnest and bravest things we did together. Unlike before where my bossy and OC self will direct the Hubs like a frustrated backseat driver, I let Hubs do the deciding for us – where to go, when to paddle, when to battle the waves. It was fun seeing Hubs be on top of the situation, factoring steps which will keep the both of us safe. At one point, we stopped paddling and allowed the waves to lull us while we savor the salty air.

Hopefully, I’ll get to work on our own list soon. Meanwhile, here’s a guide from RedBook Magazine.

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