KamikazeeGirl recommends: Waxing as New Torture Device

Here’s a recommendation that will surely be of use to any military operation, fraternity initiation or basically anyone on the look-out for a torture device that can zap the life away out of any unfortunate soul: strip that person bare, beguile them into laying down a very comfortable spa bed, bewitch them into utter relaxation courtesy of the super cool aircon and relaxing sounds, apply cold wax to their legs and neither regions and start yanking the hair off while they writhe in pure agony.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderful world of waxing!

Unlike other girls/women who were born with lithe frames, zero percent body fat tummies and smooth, hairless skin, we were blessed (cursed!) to be part of the family whose claim to fame includes our anime-proportion large eyes and a full head of hair…which is usually replicated in some uncomfortable parts of the body. Like Neanderthals who roamed the Earth before us, the women in our family take pride of our voluminous, wavy hair, but is bereft with sorrow with having been given body hair that can sustain a small waxing franchise.

True enough, when the time came to become more conscious of our over-all appearance, and finally getting tired of all the plucking/trimming/shaving to curtail body hair woes, we took the advice of our dear sister and finally started subjecting ourselves to regular waxing schedule.

My go-to waxing salon is LayBare, who is the Philippines’ most-well known and well-established waxing salon. In spite my scary opening statement above, I love going to LayBare.

2015-01-24 19.08.06

Let’s call a spade a spade — there is nothing pleasurable when your body hair is being yanked out of your skin all at the same time, as the wax drags across your skin. There is also nothing pleasurable when you have to display your itty-bits to a complete stranger all in the name of hygiene. That is why I love LayBare, the salon itself is clean and comfortable and the wax technicians are all professional (and have a way of making you feel like waxing is not part of the Inquisition). However, since LayBare is a well-known brand, some branches tend to become crowded and at times, busy due to the number of women subjecting themselves to the procedure. Fortunately, we were able to find a branch that is not as crowded and with less waiting time compared to other branches.

2015-01-24 19.20.12

Upon entering, you will be asked to fill up a form and a queue sheet. Then, your waxer will usher you to the private room where a generous lather of baby powder will be applied to the area where waxing is to be done before finally stripping away all unwanted hair through the cold wax skillfully applied to your skin.

2015-01-24 19.15.55

So, what does waxing felt like?

We won’t sugarcoat it — it is freaking painful especially on parts of the body where skin is very thin and closer to the nerves. The pain of a hundred hair shafts being pulled from the same time is akin to asking a very large cat to gnaw on your fingers. For some ultra-sensitive body parts like the groin area, the bikini area and the inside of the leg — it’s the kind of pain where you are tempted to claim ownership to a handful of crimes just to escape from the torture device that is body waxing. You will spread your legs, you will wriggle as the waxer pulls the wax from your knees and your inner thighs, but it will be all worth it.

Lest you think that Laybare is a modern torture chamber masquerading as a local business, I can assure you that the wax technicians at Laybare know their stuff. They are courteous and friendly to the guests and will try as much as possible to lessen the pain.

If you think that their service is just for women, I have been regaled by my wax technician with stories of men who seek out their full service (errrr…the whole “package”).

This article is written according to my own biases, beliefs and opinion. This is not a paid review.

Visit the LayBare website here: www.lay-bare.com

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