Happy New Year. Happy New Me.


Where ever you maybe, please accept my fondest wishes for the New Year for you and your family.

As the new year begins, I am taking a moment to look back at how 2014 was just too much for me. I guess it is safe to assume that 2014 is really something: heart break, work burn-out plus a death in my father’s side of the family while the world celebrates Christmas. I was prepared to write off and hate 2014. After all, it’s just too much to take, even for a stoic bitch like me. But after reflecting, I am choosing to accept everything that has happened as part of life. I am sure there’s a lesson there somewhere. Life is about learning to stand up after the fall, learning to choose your battles, about being strong and resilient and yes, about letting go of loved ones. The sooner I get to accept that things like this can happen, the sooner I can face with strength and grace the year that is 2015.

And besides, how can I event attempt to write off 2014 when it is the year when I finally realized my lifelong dream of seeing Japan for real? The trip to Tokyo was a realization of an eighteen year old girl’s childhood dream and a lifetime worth of declaring my love for a country that I always call my “second home” (after the Philippines, of course!)



The pic above is that of the sister and myself, in the middle of a busy Shibuya side street.

So, here I am looking forward to 2015. A new year and yes, a chance for a new me. I have so many plans for the year — will be posting it in a bit. Right now, just have to dash off to afternoon tea.

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