Earning Online

Earning money is tough, especially in the Philippines where you have to work your asses off just to live comfortably.
Aside from my full-time job, I started writing bits and pieces online to earn a few additional bucks. Early this year, I attended a seminar and one of the spokespersons mentioned about ‘eLance” — which has Odesk as its predecessor.

Learn more about eLance here.

The registration process is easy, after which you can start bidding for projects. In my first week alone, I was already invited to bid for one project and was subsequently hired. Payment was $5 per article and so far I have managed to submit 3 articles to the project. While I would have loved to write more and thus earn more–my full-time work and my responsibilities there is preventing me to from working more hours online. Usually, I reserve my writing after I have arrived from work. There are days when I just can’t do anymore additional thinking after a very long and tough day.

I already transferred some of my earnings to my Paypal account:

First Paypal Withdrawal

I know it’s not much — about one thousand two hundred bucks actually in local money. But that is enough for grocery money and get the imperious cat her favorite nibbles. I would love to make more money online but I know unless I have enough time in my hands — time to bid from many projects and thus time to work on more assignments, it might take a long time until I make a sensible and impressive earnings online.

When this blog was more lifestyle-ish (read: mostly about Japanese celebrities, bits and pieces and reviews), I was asked if I would consider monetizing it. You know, get a registered domain, get Yahoo Ads, put my name out there to be one of the many bloggers who get to earn money just by writing online. But as much as it is tempting, I had to say no to the idea. I am not comfortable selling my reviews and thoughts for profit. I work for PR and I have seen first-hand and paid first-hand good money to some bloggers to promote the brand I represent. It’s a tricky process — something I’d rather not discuss.

Much respect to other bloggers who earn from their sites, but it’s something I am not. I am happy with whatever reviews I get from my readers and I do not see the need to earn my keep that way. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Hence, I am still on the look out for more projects, hopefully one with bigger pay-outs. I also accept freelance copywriting and marketing consultancy work — so I know that once I finally decide to quit the rat race and go freelance full-time, I am confident that I already have a head start.

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