…today’s dose of vanity (Vol 1, Issue 1)

TODAY’s DOSE OF VANITY (phrase): a collection of my efforts to scare away my readers by doing either: posting my ugly (don’t worry readers, I have a healthy dose of self confidence); or make like a fashion blogger and post OOTDs (where my usual choice of clothes doesn’t exactly read “Fashion Week”

For this issue:


Maxi dress: Forever21, bought for PHP505 or USD12
Knitted Sweater: Primark (given by the mum-in-law)
Rosary Necklace: Forever 21; about PHP250 (USD6)
Knitted Wedge Sneakers: Non-branded, about a thousand bucks
Belt: Bench

I am starting to love maxi-dresses! My current haunt nowadays is the maxidress/maxi skirt pins/board on Pinterest. I know wearing a maxi dress entails well toned gams and long legs–which I either don’t have. But screw the convention, I love the way it skims the body and flatter (thankfully) the happy love handles.

Should my strict budget allow, I intend on stocking up a few. So for a couple of weeks, I will be reverting to my old 25 year old self and get temporary citizenship at Forever21. Uniqlo is also a nice source for maxi dresses but my problem with this brand is that it doesn’t seemt to like curvy (read: fat) people. Finding a L or XL-sized dress in Uniqlo is like trying to find a prep-school graduate haggling in Divisoria–Possible but nothing short of a miracle.

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