While I would like to make myself believe that I have enough money to fund the stupid things I usually get into — I really don’t.

I maybe working from 9 to 7PM, and with responsibilities that can kill an overgrown elephant — but if you would care to look at the status of my finances, OH BOY — I am a merely a pathetic little bitch. Here’s the low-down, my monthly income is in the lower five digits. Might be enough if I am fending only for my big ass, but quite pathetic when I am trying to sustain a lifestyle, fill up a savings account and be a supportive wife to M, my long-suffering hubby looking for work after he graduated from Caregiver school.

Yes, life sucks — but when life hands you lemons, you gotta find a way to make a mean lemonade.

The obvious solution to this is to hustle, something I have belatedly learned a year ago when I started accepting freelancing jobs to get by. On my first freelance writing job, I quit after my second submission — the pay was peanuts but the extensive research needed was too much for my sanity. Then, I started doing copy and copy editing work to a near competitor of my previous employer — the money was good for a while, especially when I was offered a bigger opportunity that is, until the work dried up and here I am, on the look out again.


Giving up is not in my vocabulary — I am determined to work hard and hustle, just to earn an honest buck. There is no shame in hustling. It strengthens your resolve, gives you a much-needed ego check and underlines the value of hard work.

Right now, my freelance gig had all but dried up. It’s already been two months and the blank lines in my passbook account betrays this need for more money to come in. The most obvious solution to this problem is to check the net for postings and opportunities. Right now, I’ve signed up for a gig doing hush-huh reviews but there was really no pay involved, except for opportunities and little pleasures. It’s good though, as it allows me to experience things without having to shell out a dime. If I am lucky, there will be (in the near future and sometime) a monetary value in the work I do.

I am not ashamed to say these things because it is part of who I am. I will not lie or cover the fact that I am hustling for a living through any good, honest-to-goodness means. As long as it will never compromise the values I have been taught since my childhood, I am open to opportunities. After all, this world belongs to every hard working man.

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