…the five co-workers you will meet in hell

Ah, here we go again and my favorite topic. Work and how it inspires me (*sarcasm*) these past few days.
I really shouldn’t compare really — when the latest unemployment figures released by my country’s Labor Department is not exactly conducive for anti-social people like me.

The more I grow tired of my routine, the more my patience gets tested by some of my office mates, who in my eyes, are perfect candidates for being hurled from the Penthouse balcony of our 12-floor office building.

I always said that I love my work — and yes, I really do. The company I work for has a potential to be great, barring the evil forces that usually work overtime. I would like to stay longer, but it’s the people who are killing me (and wrecking havoc on my capability to breed). That, and the gruelling schedule and the toxic list of to-do’s.

I said I would write about the Five Co-Workers You Will Meet in Hell, so here goes:


5. The one who grabs all the credit but does not do anything at all – there is always one in every office. The lazy ass who gets by by acting cute and busy. She or he will throw you all the dirty work, letting you roast in your lard while finishing a ten-pager report while she whiles away time stalking her ex-boyfriend on Facebook or building his macho cred on the water station. She arrives a few minutes after eight then swiftly leaves when the clock strikes five. Meanwhile, you contemplate selling all your possessions on eBay and leaving civilization just to taste a bit of peace and quiet.

4. The freeloader who steals your lunch, raids your steel cabinet for coffee packets and does not return your stuff. Worse, she has a habit of stealing your ideas and passing them off as her own.

3. The egomaniacs – in every company, there will always be the person who works for the big cheese — the one who controls who gets in the corner office and who gets to stew in the waiting area. There are cases when the assistant gets an inflated ego bigger than the boss she serves. So what follows is the throw around their weight; balks when asked to do the things she needs to do (like admin stuff). Th funny thing is that I always believed that a little bit of ego will never harm anybody but an unlikely person, it can turn very nasty.

rudeness at work

2. The bullies who gossip about everyone, those who make fun of the weird characters and uses intimidation to drive someone to submission. They won’t hesiate to lie or throw their way around as long its for their own benefits.


..ad lastly, but definitely THE WORST:

1. The ass-kissers – probably the worst type of office employee ever. They do not hesitate to lose a bit of credibility in exchange for the taste of power and invincibility.

Unfortunately, the office has a sufficient supply of morons like the ones mentioned above these days. The funny thing is that everyone tries to act like they were more important or what they’re doing is more important compared to others. These are the people who hamper quick operations just because they can.

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