…effing bloody Valentine’s Day

Whoever must have thought of making Valentine’s Day a big deal must be overcompensating for something terrible.

I guess I have mentioned before how I have this aversion to being around people. Close, confined spaces scare me and nothing is more worth the panic attack when you are caught amid a throng of people out to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. I am sure you have heard about Manila’s notorious traffic situation, well–thanks to the loved up people out to make sure that their dinner reservations won’t get cancelled–traffic is hell two times over. Since cabs are scarce, most likely patrolling the “motel areas” for possible customers, trying to get home is an ordeal.

Do not get me wrong — partaking in grand gestures of love is cool, but is it something that only needs to be done during Valentines Day? How about the remaining 364 days? I am sure St. Valentines never intended February 14 to become the day where flowers are sold for triple or even quadruple its price, where humans vie for restaurant seats and where copious amounts of chocolates or candy are consumed (much to the delight of dentists everywhere). But no thanks to some shmuck who saw a good marketing opportunity for the Holiday, we are now inundated with twenty different shots of the same bouquet and blurry, hazy images of food shot in candlelight.

Lest you think I am such a miserable hag with no one to love me, I can assure you that the hubby has already fulfilled his role for cheesy days such as these. In fact, I woke up at 4AM to see him missing from our bedroom. Apparently, the poor fellow had to wait for me to fall asleep until he can slip away and go to the market to get his present for me:

vday gift_LM

What’s cooler is that the flowers came with a serving of chicken! Yes, breakfast-in-bed is definitely a great way to start the morning. For purposes of comparison, here’s what I got him for Valentines:

vday gift_JM

Yes, I got him his favorites — Lays and Doritos, too bad there wasn’t any dip in sight at the store.

These little things is how the husband and I celebrated Valentines. Early on, we agreed not to be part of the herd of people jostling for good seats and being legally mugged by the high prices of flowers and chocolates for occasions such as these. In fact, in the fifteen years that we have been together, I can only recall one Valentine’s Day where we decided to check out the madness. As expected, we both hated it. We were still shoving our desert in our mouth, but already a couple was already eyeing our table. Traffic was horrible, no cabs in sight while people wander aimlessly –perhaps trying to figure out the next step after they are wined and dined. It was pure madness, enough for us to swear off going out on Valentines for as long as we are alive.

Though I must admit it’s a little pleasurable seeing ladies walk by touting large bouquets while their boyfriends/husbands gave them furtive glances. Every one looked so loved up and so high with emotions, it’s quite scary.

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