The Wolf of Wall Street

I don’t like watching movies.

In the Philippines, watching movies is an investment. You take a cab, you go to a (preferably) comfortable and safe movie theater where the aircon is working and there is no chance of bed bugs lurking in the seats and you pay for food. Movies here in Manila cost PHP230 (about USD5) and that’s just the regular showing. Movies like blockbuster hits in the same vein as Iron Man, Superman and The Avengers would cost somewhere between PHP250 to PHP280–and that’s already saying a lot. And because I am the kind of chick who wastes her time reading critics reviews (from Variety, NY Times and even Buzzfeed), I tend to lose interest in a movie as soon as I see a bad review. So unless it’s one of the superhero movies mentioned above or anything about Harry Potter, I’d rather stay home and wait until the damned movie is shown in free TV.

So, it’s a nice surprise when the Hubby brought me on a date just to watch “The Wolf of Wall Street” — arguably one of the best movies that came out this year.


If I were a member of the Academy, I would get up my chair and hand Leonardo DiCaprio the Oscar trophy NOW. He is that awesome. Sometimes, I forget that he is an actor and all the things he did in the movie is part of a script. More aptly, sourced from the book of the same name, written by the same guy who is the subject of the film, Jordan Belfort.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is a cautionary tale against greed and excess: money, drugs, sex (along with the tits and the other parts that go with it). The debauchery and madness happening within the office will put Littlefinger’s whore house to shame. Jonah Hill is also amazing in a creepy sort-a way and has more chemistry with Leonardo Di Caprio than the woman who played her mistress-turned-white, Naomi.

As usual, the direction was flawless and the shots really good. After all, the movie has Marty Scorsese on its helm. It made me more intrigued about the world of stock trading — something I have been meaning to study for a long time, as part of my planned long term investments. The movie was able to showcase how scary and exciting life maybe on the stock trading floor.

Now that the award season is upon us, I am more than excited to see if “the Wolf of Wall Street will take a sweep of the Oscars. To fair, I need to see some more movies for comparison–like American Hustle was said tob be good, plus I also want to see the one about Walt Disney (one of my personal idols) featuring Tom Hanks. If only movies were of this calibre all the time, they I do not have any need to shun going to movie houses after all.