…starting you blog anew

It’s almost the end of December — so how do I recover the many days that this blog has been left untouched. I could give you a lot of reasons why I haven’t been updating lately —

The Sad, Melodramatic Truth
I have been busy with life, particularly saving a dear uncle’s life who suffered a stroke. Without a family, without health care insurance, without anything to his name — someone had to be the decision-maker and make all the financial and health decisions for him the whole time he was confined in a hospital. Guess who that was?

The Painful Reality
Truth be told, there are instances where I thought of finally giving up blogging. I mean, what am I to say to still catch your interest? Sometimes, I run out out of things to say or write. Or worse, I have a great idea only for me to self-edit the rough draft and click the “trash” button instead of “publish.” But no matter what I did, I simply can’t let go of this space. This has been my little haven for more than three years and I can’t imagine not having the avenue to share my thoughts. Also, it tickles my hardened, blackish heart to know that people take the effort to read what I write. I don’t need to be famous or blog for profit — having people read my posts and comment. That’s reward enough for me.

The Excuse
I have been too busy with work. Getting promoted as department head had its perks but also a lot of drawbacks. Not having time (to even brush your teeth!) for anything, much less update a blog has become a convenient excuse.

Eventually, I decided it’s about time I change the tone and angle of how I present my little adventures through life. While I still won’t be able to share about my the glitzy lifestyle of the rich and famous (which, I am neither) — I can still assure you of unabashed, unapologetic views to life. As my new title says about this blog, you may use this as a guide — but only if you are ready to a life of constant chaos, adventures and mortifying moments that can leave you pining for anonymity.

I am glad to be still with you and I hope my future posts can guide you through your wild abandon and through this cycle called life.

I am so glad to be back 🙂

2 Replies to “…starting you blog anew”

    1. Aaaaawww.you are so sweet Paul!
      Thanks for the compliment. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best for 2014.

      Continue being drop dead gorgeous 😉

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