Stand up!


Life goes on.
While I am currently based in Metro Manila, hundreds and hundreds of miles away from the devastation in Tacloban, you can’t help but feel a certain level of sadness and a cloud of gloom hanging all over the country.

People are getting catty and snippy on Facebook, denouncing the government and casting a wary eye on any politician presence during the relief operations (couldn’t blame them, Philippine politicians are worse than pond scum and are greedy little douches). While others, in their haste to be bitchy, little buggers o the social network fell for the satirical news that Anderson Cooper was named Ambassador to the Philippines. You might have heard that AC and CNN got into a little “argument” with a local newsreader, Korina Sanchez who called on air one of the reports of CNN about the lack of government aid in Tacloban. The news anchor happened to be the wife of the Interior Minister so she is quick to denounce CNN’s report a false.

Well, Korina Sanchez got served #majorBurn #majorShade

The wrath of the typhoon as well as its devastating effects also made people here in Manila take stock on what they have. People are foregoing Christmas parties and would rather divert the funds to Yolanda. Everyone wanted to help and are scheduling “relief operations nights” instead of the usual Friday night gimmicks.

I really believe that this country is capable of standing up again. After all, with the support of the worldwide community, it is possible. People will eventually go back to their usual routine, will start picking up the pieces — especially in harder hit communities. And why not? Everyone deserves a second chance at life. Everyone deserves to have normalcy. Everyone deserves a better life.

What is important is that the lessons learned from this tragedy will be able to prevent future tragedies of this scale from happening again.

Yes, we will stand up. But more importantly, we will also look back, remember and learn.

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