Speculating about them Speculoos

You gotta love Manila.

We are the city that drove itself bonkers trying to get a taste of the cronut at the height of its fame; we ingest froyos and milk teas like crazy and we will happily line up and pay our way just to bring home a box or two of JCo Donuts.

In a nutshell, Manila is a trend-crazy city — people are dying to be in with what’s the latest. We are forever in fear of missing out. So when Speculoos cupcakes, donuts, cronuts and gelato started sprouting in Trendy Manila, I was immediately curious.

Specuwhaaaaat? And Manila is going crazy about it?

Cos in my head, it sounded like one of the spells used by Harry Potter and his friends when they are caught in a tight fix.

The funny things is that I am already way behind when it comes to this so-called “Cookie Butter” trend. So, while I ordered my first jar, I am sure the rest of Manila has moved over to its next “must have.”
I meanwhile, is still savoring my Speculoos matched with skyflakes cracker.

photo (18)

I had too big expectations, but I must say its taste has a way of growing on you. It’s now something I eat (spread on either crackers or bananas) when I want a quick and easy snack. In just ten days, my bottle of cookie butter is almost gone. Must order again as soon as the reseller replenishes her stock.

Yes, I am now part of the cookie butter hoard.

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