Purple Head

In other news….

photo (12)

I managed to finally get rid of the atomic orange thing that I have cultivated in my head for the last four years. I didn’t want the usual black hair, so when my stylist at Bench FIX recommended purple I jumped at the chance. At first, I was worried that the big bosses might not like a purple hair in the usual staid, traditional and otherwise boring work environment — but surprise! They freaking loved it.

So I guess I’ll be keeping my Barney hair for a while — I don’t know maybe four years or until I get bored with it. Maybe I could glossy it a bit or heighten the purple I don’t really know. As long as I get past the boring corporate rules, I’ll be fine.

PS: I apologize for the weird orientation of the photo, I’d been tinkering with the photo feature of this blog/Wordpress and it kept on appearing like that. Bear with me.

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