The long hiatus




I am back after a very long absence. 

Blame it on my crazy schedule and the five-day Singapore getaway with the family. 

I used to say that I feel useless at work — because I wasn’t doing anything and was nothing more than a glorified personal assistant/executive assistant in spite the fact that I have the word “manager” written somewhere in my business card. And then, there was a change in management — which of course came with a new division head for me. This came with a reshuffling of work priorities, changing of the guards and all the boring corporate stuff. End story was: I am now reporting directly to the head of the division and have about tons of pending deliverables lying somewhere. Yes, I am now a full-blown slave and lackey of the man. 

But instead of glossing over how I have too much to do and nary a staff in sight, I chose to focus more on the blessings being given to me — the opportunity to prove my capabilities, as well as the trust of the new div manager. When she came on board, she told me that she believes in what I can do. I think that is motivation enough. 

In spite the heavy work load, I am now looking for ways to manage my stress. First and foremost, I don’t want to get stressed because this will lead to me blowing away my chance of ever having a baby. The OB says that if I want to procreate, I shouldn’t get stressed. Easy to say when you are not in the corporate world where things run on endless deadlines. I have decided to become more positive and to always dwell on the good. 

On my next post, will share tips on how I manage stress — aside from my constant (and expensive) strategy of retreating to another country when I need to take a breather. 

After all, at the end of the day — changes being thrown in our path can also be interpreted as the Universe’s way to challenge and motivate us.

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