Pumped Up Kicks


I have been meaning to buy this shoe for about a month now. But because I am trying to save money for my upcoming Singapore trip (a birthday treat for Mum) so I always managed to let go each time I get to urge to try it in. I knew that if it fits, I just had to buy it. At 1,700 pesos (almost 40USD), I could have paid my insurance with the amount. So, I kept putting it off — reasoning that I have too many shoes that I hardly get to wear the others.

But today, while walking the long stretch of Megamall, I realized that I have been working pretty damn hard these past few weeks. I’m doing well at work — even with the re-organization currently taking place. Other than that, I have also been hustling for freelance writing gigs every now and then. There are days when I feel like I am burning both ends of the candle where I come home dead tired that I end up sleeping half-naked because I can’t even finish changing my clothes. There are days when I would be walking quite a distance because I want to save money and I wanted to avoid taking a cab which was 10 times more expensive than taking the public transpo.

And I deserve a treat for all the hard work, all the hustling and all the scrimping just to save money — the fact that the shoes were being sold for just PHP1,200 (30USD) made the deal more sweet.

PS: I liked this song, too:

For those who find this song offensive, I apologize. I know there was controversy about the lyrics, and Foster the People addressed this in one of their interviews. It’s a catchy song — that’s all.

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