Writing about Nothing

What should I write about?

That’s the common dilemma of someone who maintains a blog. I had the opportunity to read this blog from beginning to present and I saw how this blog evolved from a diary of “All Things Japan” to now a venue of rants for a “thirty-something corporate slave-desperate mom-wannabe.”

I have written about adorable Japanese boy bands, questionable fashion sense from JPop girl groups, fashion magazines and food up to fertility woes, marriage and the joys of being a corporate slave. Reading on my previous entries, I noticed that I had time then to write. And I write about everything!

Now, posts are fewer in between and usually it’s even my every day woes. Not surprisingly, this page has become therapeutic since I get to air out all my hang ups and rant about the general suckiness of things. Posting has become a cheaper alternative to therapy or seeing the shrink. By writing down my frustrations sometimes, I have managed to avoid pushing people off the railings of the penthouse floor. It is an escape, an opportunity to go back to the old days when I used to maintain a diary.

In the early days of this blog, one of my former office mates recommended that I monetize the blog by placing ads or working with some PR people. It’s something I refused to consider, being happy of the traffic I get. I also enjoy the fact that this page is not beholden to any one and that my reviews are solely my personal beliefs and not potential online pick-ups for the PR agencies and their respective clients.

Sometimes, I don’t know how much I could share online — especially on my personal and private life. I always say that I have resorted to cannibalizing my life just to give you my daily fodder. All secrets out in the open, worries and challenges flayed and discussed up to the last detail. After all, who would be interested to hear about the office woes of a typical Filipina?

I used to think that starting a blog is merely a hobby, but in the end it’s really a commitment to the discipline of writing and the timelines usually associated with it. You have to find new topics to write about. Or maybe you could write about nothing and make it sound like it’s something?

2 Replies to “Writing about Nothing”

  1. [ Smiles ] You did a wonderful job at writing.

    For the record, this is your blog and you are free to write anything that you want; so, there is really no need to ask what you should write!

    1. Hi and thank you for the very kind words!

      I know what you mean — it’s really up to us to write what we want to write, when we want to write it. It’s just… are there days when you feel like you’re stuck and the cursor blinking on your screen is taunting you? 🙂

      Anyway — I guess that’s the challenge and the excitement of maintaining our little corners in the vast world wide web 🙂

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