MU Noodle Bar: Slurping my way to happiness

In case you are wondering — No, KamikazeeGirl has not been turned into a food blog. Mostly because I enjoy food more when I just eat it and not have to write about it.

But, these past few days — I have been around restaurants a lot and with many new restos in the newly opened Glorietta 2, which I consider my playground, I simply have no choice but try them out one by one. Who knows? Maybe I can entice you to try any of the places I’ve written about when you are in my neck of the woods.

My sister, the Queen decided to treat me to an pre-dinner grub following a five-hour shopping trip that involved various mall hops and countless trying of cocktail dresses (the Queen has an event and she needs a dress). My feet were crying murder and I was no longer my cheerful self. I suggested a new resto that I have been eyeing for quite sometime being one of the new establishments in place when the new Glorietta opened.

photo (9)

The sign taped on its door saying “We are on soft opening” is no longer in place, as we entered Mu Noodle Bar’s branch on the second floor of G2. The friendly servers immediately ushered us in one of the couches lined along the walls and handed us the menu. The selection was a bit few but you can see that much consideration was given on the food being served. My sister and I chose to share our order of Beef Noodle (PHP220) and a plate of Pork Gyoza.

From Mu Noodle Bar Facebook page
From Mu Noodle Bar Facebook page
From Mu Noodle Bar Facebook page
From Mu Noodle Bar Facebook page
yummy and piping hot
yummy and piping hot

Our noodle was served in a hot stone bowl, piping hot and just begging to be slurped (NOISILY!!!). It came with a generous serving of beef slices,poached egg and a smattering of herbs. For this order, we chose thin noodles to go with our soy-based soup stock.

We excitedly laddled our ramen to our individual bowls and dug right into it — piping hot and threats of second degree burns be damned and IT WAS SO GOOD!

happiness in a bowl
happiness in a bowl

The noodle was chewy and absorbed the soup stock really well while the beef is delicately flavoured. The soup stock came in just right and surprise — ramen doesn’t get cold due to the sizzling stone bowl. It was such an enjoyable meal that I forgot I wasn’t somewhere in Tokyo, Japan and started slurping my way to a happy tummy bowl after bowl after bowl.

I wish I could say the same for the Pork Gyoza. Unfortunately, we found it lacking in taste and a tad bland compared to gyozas served on other Japanese restaurants.

photo (10)

Even the dipping sauce lacked a certain ooomph 😦 Which was a downer really, considering how much we have been enjoying our ramen (and in fact raving wildly about it). I could have bought a better Gyoza for less than PHP180.

Will I recommend Mu Noodle Bar to my friends? Definitely yes — for the sumptuous ramen and to try Mu’s other dishes. I don’t mind coming back again especially since there’s a lot I haven’t tried yet but don’t count your luck on the gyoza.

* Recommended budget: PHP1,000 will comfortably feed 2 persons

Glorietta, Ayala Center, Makati City
Mu Noodle Bar Facebook page

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our own meals and we do not know the owners of Mu.

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