Wake me up…when September ends

I can’t believe it’s already September. Last time we checked, we were saying good bye to the old year — and now, we’re three months shy of ringing the new year.

Here in my country, the arrival of September meant the Christmas season. For anti-social freaks like me, Filipino Christmas is equivalent to being one of the guest of honors during the Red Wedding. It’s excruciating, can drive you mad with agony, full of double meaning and often times (during Christmas shopping) can even result to blood shed.  

This early–and I don’t exaggerate–you can already hear Christmas carols played on the radio while malls start advertising for three-day sales, often resulting to heavy traffic.  People start sending “save the date” cards in the mail, announcing countless December weddings. Others start planning for stuff like vacays and things to buy… No doubt thinking of the impending Christmas bonus. 

On the personal side of things, September for me marks a “new beginning” of sorts. Our department was given a new boss, highlighting on the need for a more cohesive marketing strategy for the company. If you ask me, it’s a relief. Let me tell you why. 

I work for a company reeking in potential. Unfortunately, this same potential is being saddled by ancient outdated beliefs and values that no longer worked in the modern fast-paced world.For the ancients who have been with the company for two or three decades, any notion of “changes” and “adaptability” is equal to letting go of their old beliefs and culture and almost akin to putting their heads on the chopping block in front of the whole Westeros.  They hate change. They know nothing about corporate communications (communications is something they always equate to writing a memo) nor branding. So it’s like pulling teeth trying to show them how things work. 

The coming of the new boss will at least put order into things. Meaning, my life will be much easier and I won’t be stressed as much. Plus, I hope her arrival will finally earn our department the respect we deserved. 

This early, I am already expect to be doubly busy. Hopefully, I’ll still find time to blog. In fact, I was looking at my earlier posts and couldn’t believe how much time I have in my hands.  But, I vow not to let go of blogging — which is therapy for me really. It’s nice to have time to write your thoughts and just sift through the cobwebs in your head. 

I also can’t wait for the freelance writing work to start. You know where the money will go. The more I think about it, the more I am determined to see my Japan dreams come true next year. 

So, welcome September… I hope you’ll pass swiftly. I just can’t wait for this month to be over. 

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