This Growing Up Thing

i don't wanna grow up!!!
i don’t wanna grow up!!!

I must have been a Lost Boy (or Girl) in my previous life, because this Growing Up Thing hasn’t been easy for me.

Don’t you sometimes wish that we can go back to the days when we were young and the only thing keeping our minds occupy is having enough time to play, eat, sleep (play, eat, sleep, etc…)? Back when we were kids, not having the toy we earnestly wanted was enough to cause us top-drama heart break. Our only responsibility back then was to produce decent-enough grades — go home with an A and you assure yourself of your parent’s love for the grading period. Things were simple and problems were always petty.

But then, life will eventually usher us to adulthood, the scary world where jobs, maintaining a good credit rating, starting a family, having kids, being a sane human being–and even keeping up with the Joneses hav become on top of our To Do List. We stopped being fun. Because sometimes, having too much fun is not really good for our “adult life.”

If you are single, you are hopelessly paired off to another hapless single soul. If you are married, you will pushed into procreating and be utterly branded a failure if you failed to beget a spawn within a year of marriage. We are supposed to stay married forever, get along well with the in-laws and be the star homemaker/provider.

We work ourselves to death: hoping for the pay raise; for the much-anticipated promotion and the corner office that comes with it; the perks of being a big shot like cars, the paper thin Mac Air, the fat bank account and the latest gadget starring in our very own wet dreams. Like Survivor Cast-Aways, we are pushed to scheme, manipulate and outwit colleagues unless we wanted to be buried alive in the dirty game of office politics.

Growing up and growing old is overrated. We are expected to act like adults, to be adults. Yet, sometimes we catch ourselves swimming helplessly against the Tide.

Times like this, I ask myself: is there a way back to Neverland?*

*Neverland home of Peter Pan and Cap’n Hook, and not the abandoned place where MJ used to live

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Guilty ako dito…pati na rin si Ava…haha…I think a lot of our age group din talaga. Another issue namin ni Ava ay yung mga “milestones”…na di naman lahat nakakasunod/nakakaachieve. =(

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I hate growing up, Fizzy. Too many restrictions and expectations! If only I have a one-way ticket to Neverland!

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