Never Lose Hope.


“Abandon hope, all you enter here…” was fittingly said to adorn the gates to Hades.

We can always give up whenever our plans go awry. It happens — seasons pass, people change, careers blossom and fade, people come and go. Usually, when this crosses our path, we throw a major emotional breakdown, caterwaul that we have lost all hope and qualify for the Best Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Leading Role for the next season’s Academy Awards.

When I was younger, changes in the master plan upset me. When I was younger, I usually act dramatic and adapt the “I hate the world” cred that’s been worn like a badge when you were in your early twenties and listen to too much emo-rock songs in the radio.

But now that I know better, I have come to regard changes in the master plan as small bumps in the road, like an unscheduled detour that will definitely make the journey longer, but also definitely richer, deeper. For example, recent developments in both my professional and personal life are not exactly according to the “strategic plan” I have for myself for this year. But who am I to go against the will of the Universe?

In times like these, it’s always easy to give up and lose hope. Well, I am not that person anymore. I refuse to acknowledge the recent setbacks as failures, and instead consider them as additional framework to my growth. Giving up is always the easier option, when compared to just pushing forward. It’s easy, take a single step, and then another….and then another. Yes, I know it’s not easy but I can assure you that you will love yourself more when you choose to stick to your guns.

So whatever that maybe: a plan to see the world, change careers, have a family, get married or simply abandoning the 9 to 5 in pursuit of your dream job — JUST GO FOR IT. I will be here at the other end of the line, including you in my prayers.

May we both be successful in our dreams and struggles, whatever and wherever they maybe.

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