Sex, drugs, swearing…and Skins


For the last three days, we have come to resemble a drug-addled hipster as we try to juggle real world (read: work and all that shit) and our nightly routine of indulging with our new brand of poison, “Skins.”

Yes, we have previously written about how good it was and how we were pushed to discovering this little gem after meeting a grown-up Nicholas Hoult courtesy of Warm Bodies. We are now in the midst of the second season, still with the First Generation in the cast. And while it is the pretty boy looks of Mr. Hoult that pushed us to discover the show, we have gravitated to the character we’ve come to love the most: Chris Miles (played by Gendry himself, Joe Dempsie.)

chris miles

Yeah, he is a hedonistic aimless dick who will “smoke/screw/rob/snort anything” but Chris is also a character that is replete with layers and peeling back each and every layer until you come down to the little boy lost and alone is fun. In season 2, Chris is slowly easing out of his party animal ways and starting to look forward to more responsibilities, ditching his “f*ck it” mentality especially after he has fallen in love with the brilliant Jal.

Joe Dempsie as Chris is just perfect. He is both annoying and lovable at the same time, callous and vulnerable both ways that we can’t help but root for him. And yeah — for the sake of full disclosure — he also has a nice tush.

And yeah, this guy comes a close second:

maxxie oliver

maxxie oliver2

Yes, perfection that is Maxxie Oliver (Mitch Hewer) – a brilliant dancer who is both charming and seductive, while also utterly promiscuous. The fact that he is gay just makes him more irresponsible to both guys and girls (hello, he even had a stalker!) who all wanted maybe a piece of his luscious lips.

We’ve been lacking in sleep for the last 72 hours, no thanks to our propensity to watch Skins just when it is already late. In spite the fact that we must had our fill of bare-naked assess, side boobs, a great deal of tongue and butt cracks, we find that the way the story is presented made Skins more than a sorry excuse to glorify sex in order to get viewers. It is how the world turns now for the young ‘uns: drugs to keep you going, multiple partners who happen to be just there and friendships that stood the test of time.

Watching Skins UK made us miss our old college friends who were pretty much there during our cringey, messy growing up years. Somehow, they were present during the first heartbreak, the first failing grade, the humiliation of falling in love, and weathered storms and freak accidents with us in the last sixteen years. While we can definitely assure you that our lives are very much boring compared to the kids of Skins, what is similar is the corny (yet fortunate) premise of friendships that withstood the test of time.


The fact that this show managed to run for six seasons and produced three generations of various characters that represented the many facets of the youth made us wonder why there aren’t any shows like Skins in our local television. And then it hit us and made our skin (literally) crawl, the mere fact that this show will show a lot of nudity, swearing, sex, addiction and good ol’ rock and roll — this will be pretty much impossible to duplicate here. No teenage actor or actress, most of whom are happily stuck forever in boring, saccharine, goody-two shoes roles, will touch the project with a ten foot pole. And if they did, we’re sure that the network will spin it to be more like “Sweet Valley High” than “Skins.” God forbid.

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