Worst wedding. Ever.

Here’s one wedding where we truly hated being invited to witness the festivities!

Yes, we are talking about Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” – as shown in the 9th episode, “The Rains of Castlemere”.

We know it’s so late harping on the episode, but we managed to see the episode just recently in our neck of the woods so the shock hasn’t worn off yet. It doesn’t help that we are already on our last pages of the “A Storm of Swords” and have pretty much grieved over that part of the book before the 9th episode was shown locally (thanks for the efficiency, Sky Cable *snicker*). However, seeing the treachery unfold onscreen was still too much, we were pretty much shaken and in shock by the time the credits rolled.

To further stress a point:



See what happens when you back out on an oath? And when you don’t listen to what your mom tells you?

We are not big fans of the “King in the North” – we found him boring, childish (winning wars doesn’t make you a man) and dismissive of his relationship to his mother just because he has the crown in his head. As the creepy first strains of the song “The Rains of Castlemere” started playing, I kept hissing to the television “You should have listened to your mother!” And yeah, Talisa makes the perfect queen for Robb because she we find her equally dull as well. Walden Frey is one sick S.O.B. and his indifference to the slaughter only heightened the experience.

Still, seeing Robb and Catelyn meet their end through horrifying ends has a way of piercing the heart of every GOT fans. The Starks really got the short end of the deal. With the death of their father, mother and the oldest son (the legitimate one, anyway) – Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon are officially orphans. What gets our hope going is that Jon Snow is still alive and well (for now — we all know George RR Martin enjoys killing characters we all love so touch wood for Jon).

george rr martin

We can’t wait to finish the third book and move on to “A Feast of Crows” just to find out what happens next. Of course, we still have a few months before the next season of the TV series and we intend to spend that occupied with the 4th and 5th book. With George RR Martin, it’s impossible not to have surprises hidden on any of the book’s (usual) 1,000+ pages.

So, if ever any of you receives an invitation to a “Red Wedding” inspired wedding make sure to think twice before you RSVP.

2 Replies to “Worst wedding. Ever.”

    1. Awwww…sorry! 😦 While he, indeed, is a nice specimen to look at — I just wanted him to have a little spark well, when Robb was alive anyway.

      Gomennasai for the hating!!! Hehe.

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