Up, up, up…

Once in our life, we come across inspiring stories that can make us take stock of our life.

This was mine.

It is inspiring and humbling to find someone so full of promise like Zach Sobiech face death with courage and grace. His short life touched a lot of people — wherever they may be. As I watch one video after the other (from songs like “Sandcastles” and “Starhopping” to his documentary “My Last Days”) — I am touched on how positive he was, how he kept on smiling, his face lighting up in spite of the reality he faced. His thoughts on acceptance, gratitude and love was truly amazing.

I guess it’s true what they say sometimes: it’s not how much time we spent here on earth, it’s HOW WE SPENT the time given to us. And Zach, in his eighteen years, really spent each and every day to the fullest.

In the documentary, one line kept repeating over and over in my head. It’s this line that Zach said, “…you don’t have to find out that you’re dying to start living.”

From across the seas, my thoughts are with the family of this amazing young man. He was a blessing not only to his family, but to the countless others he touched through music.

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