I was just informed by our office’s HR Assistant that my loan from the government’s insurance program has been approved. However, it will take about a month for the check to be released. Bummer. Considering that I am planning to use the money for my long-overdue moving out from the tiny room that my hubby and I rented from my mom. Definitely, our so-called Project Move Out will be pushed back a month or two.

It’s hard to live in a small room where two healthy individuals and two scrawny cats vie for space. We also wanted the freedom and independence of being a (bit) away from my parents, since being in close proximity (as in a few steps away) can be grating to the nerves sometimes. However, we also want to find a place that is close to my parent’s house: close enough to check in on them a few times per week but not close enough to hear my mom nagging my brother to rise and shine every morning.

So while I wait for my rent money to arrive from the government (courtesy of my Social Service Security contribution), I have come to visiting the net for inspiration/pegs for our future, little space. I am confident to say “little space” because the rent money we can afford is not something to shout about. The rent money we have in mind is a little small, considering the cause of rentals here at the Central Business District where yours truly is a proud resident. I don’t know how hard it’ll be to find a house for rent here in the city but I’ll keep you guys updated. Anyway, I immediately knew what I wanted for my OWN house when I finally get to have my rent money, find the perfect space and move in.

I wanted GunMetal Gray Walls for the living room
The first time I saw Gunmetal gray paint applied to a living room wall, I am floored. Using white for detailing added drama and flair. I love the color’s simplicity and drama and that I could represent both me and the Hubby. Being the crazy “emo” person that we are, you can kind of expect that our future living room wall will not sport the saccharine butter yellow that seemed to be prevalent in upscale homes in the Metro. Here are some ideas I love:

I love how the color added contrast
I love how the color added contrast
too much clutter
too much clutter

The second picture is also nice, however, I am averse to clutter since I grew up around them. My mum loves keeping things and she doesn’t throw anything away so we have tons of clutter in our house. We sometimes threaten my mum that she is an Extreme Hoarder episode waiting to happen.

Thus, having dealt with clutter my whole life, I am thus obsessed that my future home should be clutter-free. I don’t like keeping a hodge-podge of knick knacks or items. I also do’t like keeping a lot of stuff on the walls since I want it as bare as possible, with just a few statement pieces hanging — preferably framed.

Loving the fact that the house doesn't have much clutter.
Loving the fact that the house doesn’t have much clutter.

images (2)

I want the kind of home that is airy, light and is pleasing to the eyes. I am already excited just thinking of our future home. The internet can expect my constant presence on home designing and interior design blogs.

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