Would you live here? Not for the claustrophobic and the faint-hearted.

Yes, one of my dreams is to live in Japan. Not just visit, but to actually live there.
But would you even consider it if this is your living space?

photo not my property
photo not my property

Nope, the guy above is not a small person stuffed inside the locker by bullies. He actually lives in that space, as featured in a Japan news program and picked up by this website. Called “geki-sema share house,” the building houses a common toilet for its tenant and lots of locker-type rooms built on top of the other rented to people who can’t afford their own house in Japan. However, note that the rent is not actually cheap going for Y55,000 and Y45,000 for a smaller room. In Philippine peso, that’s about PHP27,500 and PHP22,500 respectively, enough to get you a two bedroom house in a nice apartment. However, note that an actual house (and not just a shoebox) can be rented in some areas of Tokyo for the same price. The thing is, from what I learned from various Japanese lifestyle websites, renting in Japan is very complicated and expensive – with key money, rent money, guarantee money among many other things.

The guy has no space except for a tatami mat. In the article and in the news feature, it was explained that living spaces in Japan were sometimes measured according to the traditional means of using the sizes of tatami mats.

This girl meanwhile has a bigger space but her rent is also bigger (the aforementioned Y55,000). She has enough room for her mat, clothes and even a flat screen TV. She also has the luxury of a small window, ensuring circulation of fresh air.

I don’t know if I can live in a space this small, especially since I tend to be wary of small spaces. The walls also seemed thin so imagine the things you’ll get to hear if the guy living on top of your box is doing “something.” Besides, I am really crazy when it comes to using bathrooms so a communal bath room is really not possible for me.

You know, what this reminds me of? These guys:

All Hail, K!
All Hail, K!

All photos used (except for the locker aliens) are from this SOURCE

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