Applying Tourist Visa to Taiwan

It’s one of those days when I am gritting my teeth and beside myself with worry since I will have to submit my application for a visa to Taiwan by tomorrow.

This is the part of traveling that I dread — proving to the embassy that I have plans of returning (I mean, why wouldn’t I?), that I have capacity to travel and that I promise to be a good tourist and take nothing but pictures and memories. Honestly, this is the part of being Filipino that annoys the hell out of me. The need to get visas and not having the freedom to go to places you’ve always dreamed of going because you have to prove that you have intentions of going back to your home country after the trip.


Honestly, I really can’t blame these countries — there were many cases of illegal immigration, as well as cases of “tourists” suddenly disappearing into thin air to find employment in a country that promises a better future than what is available here in my country. Any country will impose restrictive measures to ensure safety and economic security of its citizens.

To soothe my frayed nerves and the fact that I am already shitting myself with worry, I went on a mad research spree trying to get tips on how to go through the agony of getting a visa.

So, if you are a Filipino, scored really drop-dead cheap tickets to Taipei either via Cebu Pacific or Air Asia and plans on getting a Taiwan Visa soon, here are the requirements for business and visitor visa (as of September 2012):

1. An online Visa Application Form – please note that as of April 2012, the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) of Manila no longer accepts handwritten application forms. Please access the system-generated forms at Fill up the forms and print it on A4 paper after. Please avoid leaving spaces blank, for questions that does not apply to you, write N/A.
2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background – should be taken within the last three months.
3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels (if any)
4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO
5. Marriage Contract (if applicable) issued by NSO
6. Supporting documents related to the purpose of VISIT such as :
A. Confirmed round trip Air ticket or Booking Certificate
B. Certificate of Employment and Letter of permission to leave from the employer
C. Financial statements of the applicant such as:
(1) Income Tax Return (ITR)
(2) Bank Book or Bank Statements – I got my bank certificate at BPI for less than an hour. To apply for a bank
certificate, just approach the teller and she will give you a form that you need to accomplish. You have to pay
PHP100 for a copy of the certificate.

If Traveling on BUSINESS, you must also submit:
A. Business letter or trading records from Taiwan Company
B. Certificate of Business Name Registration and SEC Registration(If owner of the company)
C. Invitation Letter from Taiwan company / organization in Chinese letterhead that outlines clearly purpose of your visit and duration of your stay
D. Official letters or request letters from concerned authorities for official trip
E. Seminar program
F. Certificate of Employment; Professional Identification; Company ID
G. Other Supporting Documents if Required such as SSS contribution lists, Pay Slip etc.

Aside from the original copies of documents, you also need to prepare one photocopy. Also note that the applicant will be scheduled for an interview, if needed.

You need to pay PHP2,100 for a single entry tourist visa. Multiple entry tourist visa goes for PHP4,200.

For more information, you may refer to this website: TECO

Just to make sure, we also printed copies of the reservation confirmation from the hotel and plan on presenting them also tomorrow.

Anyway, I hope things will be okay tomorrow. Wish us luck.

3 Replies to “Applying Tourist Visa to Taiwan”

  1. just want to clarify if you submitted a bank certificate and bank statements. i saw on the site: that copies of bank statements for the past 6 months were required. i’m quite confused now whether to just request for bank certificate or add statements. thank you!

    1. HI Marose, Thanks for visiting! As far as I can remember, we were not required to submit our Bank Statement, but the Bank Certificate itself.

      On the certificate, you have to indicate the amount in your bank account. ITR is also important. Hope I was able to help 🙂

  2. Hello! I’m planning to go to apply for a Visa. Can you tell me more about the experience? Was it hard to get one? Can you please share us some tips? Please email me. I have so many things to ask. Thanks.

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