Mad Love

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day–where people dress in red and try to compete for candle-lit tables located in over-booked restaurants, serving over priced steak–I bring you this adorable albeit, obviously crazy way these hapless Japanese salarymen show their love to their wives.

Shout it out! Love drives people crazy!
Shout it out! Love drives people crazy!

By shouting their messages of love stark raving mad in front of a very amused crowd:

In a society like Japan who puts much emphasis on “what’s proper” and ultimate propriety, these brave souls obviously made their wives flutter like never before. They are part of Japan’s “Devoted Husband’s Organization” where members show their appreciation to the missus every “Love your Wife Day” which falls every 31st of January.

Aishteru Yo!
Aishteru Yo!

Here are some of their messages:

“I can fly higher because you’re with me. Please stand by me forever.”
“I’m sorry that I’ve gained weight over the last seven years,But that’s because the meals you cook are so delicious.”
“I’ll hug you very tight tonight, Thank you for your love.”

Awwww. As a married woman myself, I know there are days when husbands seem to evolve from the Prince Charmings we all married (and fell in love with) to pompous jack-asses that you want to gift wrap and send back to their over-protected moms.

But, there are also definite days when you are glad you are married to the bugger. It maybe simple things like him fixing you breakfast or cooking you Omurice for your office bento, or taking care of you when you are sick and/or feeling shitty.

I wish there are more events like “Appreciate your Wife Day” or maybe, “Appreciate your Husband Day” because quite frankly, more than the syrupy gimmicks of Valentine’s Day — it’s when you feel that you are truly appreciated and cared for that you feel most loved.


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