Homemade Chili – a comfort food like no other

I’ve been meaning to eat at the new MexiCali branch at Glorietta for about two weeks now, but the crappy seating arrangement always frustrated me. The place was either too full to accommodate me or the servers are too busy doing their paper work to vacate the corner table.

Since I’ve been craving for a mean chili for the last two weeks and since MexiCali can’t accommodate my hungry stomach, I decided to make my own for lunch.

My pot of chili - almost done!
My pot of chili – almost done!

For my ingredients:

1 kilo ground pork (ideally should be beef, but I decided to make it ground pork)
2 cans of red beans
1 can of stewed and diced tomatoes
2 pcs bell pepper, diced
3 pcs onion, diced
2 cans of tomato paste
1 teaspoon chili
salt and pepper to taste

I basically sauteed the onion, ground pork, bell pepper, red beans and diced tomatoes. After it simmered, I added the tomato paste, a cup of water, chili, salt and pepper to taste. Served it with grated cheese and flavored nacho.


nothing beats home-cooked
nothing beats home-cooked

The great thing about cooking your own chili is that you can adjust the level of spiciness according to what your comfortable with. I have low tolerance for anything spicy so I was able to adjust the taste but on what I am comfortable with. Now, I can eat my chili the whole day — no need for crummy restaurants with limited dining space!

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