The things I get myself into

You all know how I signed up in a Fitness group after growing tired of the heavy bulk I carry. In just two short months after I joined the group, I’ve pretty much done the following:

I joined my first 5-kilometer run for the 36th Annual Milo Marathon and finished in less than an hour

Halfway the 5k leg. Yes, I am still smiling!
Halfway the 5k leg. Yes, I am still smiling!

While I used to run before — well actually, the better word would be “amble along”, “trot”, “crawl” — those runs pretty much never amounted to anything. After picking up a few tips from FitFil, I learned the proper way of running and how to control breathing. The fact that we have been subjected to numerous trainings before the marathon itself prepared me to the harrowing 5 kilometer leg, something I never tried before.

I finished the race in 55 minutes, still a long way to go compared to seasoned runners who can finish the same course in 20 minutes or less. But well, not bad for a beginner whose idea of working out a month ago (from said race) is to amble along the office block.

Tried and competed in a national dragon boat competition

Yeah!!! We effin' did it!!! (My team composed of the  awesome coaches of FitFil)
Yeah!!! We effin’ did it!!! (My team composed of the awesome coaches of FitFil)
Excited and eager to paddle!
Excited and eager to paddle!

This, by far, has been one of the funnest things I did in a very long time. The adrenaline of competing on a national level was just so out of this world that I was tempted to sign up to be part of the dragon boat team that sponsored us. Unfortunately, my busy schedule has prevented me from going up and paddling again.

Competed in my second 5-kilometer run for the first Color Manila Race

Presenting....Shrek's Princess Fiona
Presenting….Shrek’s Princess Fiona

Color Manila is my first 5km run for 2013 and it was one hell of a race. Obviously, from my picture — you can pretty much guess that I was covered in green stuff and totally enjoying it. Wrote about my experience in one of my previous posts, describing how I was bathed in various shades of (non-toxic) powder upon reaching every kilometer. Enjoyable indeed, but it took me a long time to remove all traces of green stuff in my hair and my clothes. I finished the race in 50 minutes, better than my Milo Marathon record by 5 minutes. Not much, but an improvement considering I stopped a lot to take pictures and chat with the “color fairies” stationed at kilometer marks.

Well, because I like torturing myself, I just signed up for a mountain climbing activity tomorrow. We’re about to conquer a medium sized mountain known for a mix of easy and strenuous trails.

What do I know about mountain climbing? Zero. I do know it’s something I am not cut out for. Me, the Queen of Klutz who easily gets hurt when sitting down or even while in bed. So you can just imagine the adventure I’ll get myself into tomorrow. I ought to really start preparing for the climb – got to buy trail food, prepare appropriate clothes and pray that I will not be the klutz that I am when I am already x-number of feet above sea.

Tales of my usual, klutzy adventure tomorrow.

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