It’s not working out anymore, Facebook

How’s your relationship with Facebook? Is it still working out?

Mine feels like a love affair that is starting to lose its luster, its edges getting frayed. Though I try to deny it, I know the end is inevitable. It’s really not working out anymore.

I don’t know what triggered this aversion to this site. Maybe it’s seeing my “friends” posting stupid statuses like, “My son’s baby daddy is a worthless piece of shit who is denying his son’s right to travel by not agreeing to get a passport”. Or maybe it’s when brilliant assess decided to post big, closeup shots of mangled bodies or suffering babies with congenital diseases, along with silly messages like “Click Like to raise money and for baby xxxx to get well.” At the risk of me sounding like a bitch, I am tempted to reply on the comments page, “and how do you plan on raising money. please give me concrete information plus how this baby’s family will get the fund” except that I will look like a major loser. Maybe it’s seeing the same old people doing the same old thing. With same, old feeds from the same, old people. Seriously, it effing kills me everytime.

I am thinking of shutting down my Facebook page. Surely, if I survived for the last 30 years of my life without this little distraction, I can surely go on for another 30 years without having to “poke” anyone or be coerced into “planting or visiting a farm.”

Please do not even let me start on those games and the hundreds of invites I get from friends each day, asking me to “play.” This in spite the fact that my constant status would be, “I love you guys, but I do not play Games on Facebook.”

I will be truthfully honest, when I first had Facebook, I can’t sleep without checking if my freaking eggplants and marigold flowers have bloomed on the farm, losing whatever semblance of sleep I had by endlessly ticking the “refresh” button. I “like” and “comment” on every post, a true Ms. Congeniality on the world wide web when in reality, I can’t be arsed to care. Facebook then was new, exciting and exclusive to the select few who knows internet etiquette.

But since it’s boom, Facebook has attracted the weirdos. In my neck of the woods, that means thirteen year old kids posing as twenty somethings, with statuses like they were “thugz foh’ realzzzzzzz” (that’s the stupid status update of my stupid 13 year old cousin, by the way), weirdos who post offensive photos and yes, people on various stages of undress. How it gets past censorship, I have no idea.

Of course, we shouldn’t discount the good that came out of the social networking site. When typhoon Ondoy hit, most of Manila have gone underwater, with many damaged properties and lives lost. In a short time, Filipinos were able to mobilize help and relief efforts through social networking sites, especially Facebook. Last year, a well-meaning netizen was able to help an old lady find for her missing husband just by harnessing the power of Facebook. There were a lot of lives saved, of families reunited by people who used the power of Facebook in order to do good.

In the end, maybe it’s a case of to each his own. What might work for you, might not work for me.

I am still contemplating if I will pull the plug on my Facebook account. Mostly because it’s my only link to my uncle’s family back in the States and it’s a connection that I can’t afford to let go. My uncle was my favorite and when he passed away, I seriously thought that I will never get to reconnect with my cousins (his kids) again. Facebook provided us an opportunity to reconnect as family members and have a glimpse on each other’s separate lives.

The next best thing to do, I think, is to start cleaning up my friends list and let go of people whom I really haven’t connected with for a very long time. Besides, who REALLY has 500 “real” friends? Then maybe, I can start cutting back access to the site, only checking in once in a while to say hi to people and to update my friends on how I’ve been doing.

Will try to wean myself bit by bit starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!

This is something I really need to do.

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