Happy New Year! (Hopes and wishes for 2013)


In whatever part of the world you may be, I hope you are celebrating the New Year in the warm company of your friends and families. I hope you’re all having a great time, and hopefully drunk — not only with the Asti or with your fifth bottle of bubbly — but also drunk with happiness and love. At the risk of this sounding like an Oscars Acceptance Speech, I’d like to thank you for being a part of The Adventures of Kamikazee Girl last year. May we still share a lot of adventures together 🙂

picture not my property
picture not my property

With the coming of the year comes another list of “hopes and dreams” — others call it resolutions, but I prefer to say that these are the things that I hope for in 2013. “Hope” because I always believed that things happen not by luck, but by will, hard work and plenty of faith in the Supreme Being. Hopefully, by next year, I’ll be able to say that I managed to achieve a lot of these things.

1. Continue my road to a healthy and fitter lifestyle – Last year, I signed up for FitFil. Unfortunately, it’s just a one month program, with our graduation happening just right before the start of the Holidays where the temptation of food abound. I haven’t piled on all the pounds yet (hopefully) but I wish to lose the remaining 60 pounds I have in my gut in order to achieve my ideal weight. I already signed up for another 5k run happening this Sunday and will get to see my friends from FitFil again. Hopefully, there’ll be a new fitness camp available by this year because I believe that I won’t be able to shed all of these excess fat without a person of authority. Plus, I still need to work on my discipline and will-power to work out.

2. Move out of the house during the first quarter of the year – there’s really no looking back. Renting and staying with my immediate family is not an option anymore. The hubby and I needed to move forward with our lives and the best way to do this is to have our own home. Moving out has been pushed too many times before that the first quarter of the year is now a “Now or Never” option for me. Growing up and growing old is hard but we have to do it.

3. Put my career in order – I really need to decide if I am staying put with my current job or find another one that will really make me fulfilled. Honestly, I am no longer happy with my current job — it’s not the money actually. It’s the feeling of being paid for doing nothing. When I was younger, I thought I would go on and do something that will change the world. But it’s something that we all aspire of when we are young and naive. Now, I just want something that will challenge me. Not a job that is predictable and can lull me to sleep. I feel that the first quarter of the year will decide if I should stay with my current company or find a job that will challenge my abilities while providing bigger compensation.

4. Be financially-sound and healthy – Following the traumatic episode of the hubby’s operation, I never wanted to be caught helpless and penniless once again. This feeling was aggravated by my sister’s trip to Japan — an offer which I mournfully refused because I have to take stock of what’s in my bank account. Last December, I finally had a joint account, one which I intend to keep and stock with whatever I will save from my salary. Sad as it may seem, things happen to people with money in their pockets, while the penniless weeps.

5. Be healthy – I really wanted to have a child by 2013 as I am getting old. Putting a kid to school while you’re in an advanced age is not a good thing, especially in the Philippines where the cost of good education is staggering. I know that I will also be given the opportunity to have a kid of my own and I know that with God’s help, He will make it possible. By keeping myself healthy, I am preparing my self for this wonderful gift. Hence, the strict and nutritional diet will continue; the exercises and the trips to the doctor (to better myself) will become a vital part of me in 2013.

I know these things might be difficult to achieve, but I am not one to lose hope. What about you? What are your resolutions for 2013?

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