Denim Dreams

I was the girl who was always in skirts and dainty little dresses.
Not because I am a girly-girl, but those are the only things that fit me.

For a time, I posted a series of my woes on this blog — woes about being fat, being a dress-size too big, of clothes not fitting and of having to deal with insensitive people who make fun of me because of my weight.

My friends used to wonder why they haven’t seen me wear jeans–I told them it’s much of a trouble (and too much of a traumatic experience) to fit jeans in places where they do not have my size.

I knew it would be a long time before I can go back to jeans again — to toss off that rugged, rock and roll look that comes effortlessly for some, but had gone on to be much of a trauma for little, old fat me.

…and then, I got involved in Fitfil. I lost a few pounds (8.8! still a long way to go to my ideal weight) and lost a few in my girth.

And here’s what I wore earlier:

Forever 21+ Denim Jeans - Regular Straight Cut
Forever 21+ Denim Jeans – Regular Straight Cut

* picture from the Forever 21 website I was wearing the exact thing earlier, plaid button-downs, Forever 21+ jeans with heavy goth boots.

I WAS WEARING JEANS! Might not be a big deal for some, but for someone like me who’s been abstaining from dark denim for about three (or was it four?) years already, this is a reason to celebrate. The denim, a purchase from the Forever 21 store in SM Makati, is from the eponymous line’s Forever 21+ collection (for curvy girls). The happy thing is my waistline is down to 34, only 6 more inches before I go back to my normal waistline. The funny thing is — the jeans are still a bit loose on my waist area!

I know this is just a small victory in my battle against the bulge. But it’s definitely something that I want to celebrate. It’s been a long time indeed and honestly, I felt a surge of emotion after I have tried it on — went seamlessly and fits just fine. No bulges, no awkward push and pulls, no straining buttons, it was perfect.

My battle with the bulge is just beginning (and made more difficult, no thanks to Christmas) and I intend to continue to have the upper hand. While I know that it will take me a long time to achieve my ideal weight (120 lbs) –I am not and will never give up.

One day, I will no longer have to hide under tonics, leggings, whimsy skirts and dainty dresses. Wearing denims will no longer be just a dream.

* Forever 21+ Denims retails for PHP695.00

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