So raise your glass to geeky girls who read graphic novels…

After receiving a good windfall last Friday, the very first thing I bought for myself is not a new bag or a complete wardrobe from Forever 21.

Rather, here’s what I bought:

Superman Earth One and Suicide Squad "Death of the Family"

I love Superman!

Yes, I bought four new issues of DC Comics’ New 52’s called “Suicide Squad – Death of the Family” and a new graphic novel, the second volume of Superman Earth One.

I haven’t gotten around to reading “Death of the Family” just yet due to my busy schedule, plus the drain the FitFil sessions have been giving me. But “Superman: Earth One?” Just finished it cover to cover!

Written by J. Michael Straczynski (same author for Volume 1) and with pencils from Shane Davis, “Superman Earth One: Volume 2” follows the story of young Clark Kent, a newbie reporter from The Daily Planet whose mysterious air never failed to capture the attention of competitive reporter Lois Lane and that of his next-door-neighbor, the flirtatious Lisa Lasalle (Lois. Lana. Lisa. What’s with CK and his penchant for girls with names starting with the letter “L? EHEM!!!). The story gives a glimpse on Clark’s fear of abusing his powers, especially with the fragility of humans. His resolve is tested with the arrival of a nemesis callled “Parasite,” a former small-town crook whose bad accident at S.T.A.R. Labs transformed him to an energy-zapping metahuman called “Parasite.”

The story is more poignant compared to the earlier version. The writer was able to give a glimpse of the loneliness of being “an outsider looking in” for someone like Clark Kent. I particularly liked the part where an old high school counselor, wile talking to a spying Lois Lane (who is being eaten away by professional jealousy) said, that Clark had “sad eyes” like his eyes was trying to hide and curtail his real emotions. It was so poignant, and gives a glimpse of the lengths the Man of Steel had to go through just to hide his real identity to Smallville. Also a touching part of the novel is the back story of “Fuzzball”, Clark’s pet cat — the only one who seemed to understood Clark and his very lonely existence on earth. When Fuzzball died, Clark ensured that she will always be with him in spirit by burying the cat in a place that they both loved.

Meanwhile, the “sex ed talk” between the Man of Steel” and his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent is a good break from the sad narrative of CK’s growing up years.

J.Michael Straczynski was able to come up with a nice follow-up to the much-reviewed Superman Earth One: Volume One and if there is a volume 3 being cooked somewhere, you can bet that I’ll make sure I’ll have it.

In other geeky news, “Bruce Wayne” (the office top cheese and not the fictional character), managed to find me last Friday while I was out for lunch just to hand me three button pins — with Superman and Green Lantern’s character logos. Of course, I let out a shriek. While Mr. Wayne always pissed me off with his out-of-this-world work demands and his tendency to change his mind on important PR concerns, it’s the simplest of gestures that makes me appreciate that I work for Wayne Enterprises.

And because I am an out and proud geek, I wore my pins to work:

polka dot detachable collar, geek pins (Superman and Green Lantern logo) over Bench Organic v-necked shirt

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