FitFil Movement: My Journey to Taking Weight Loss Seriously

I’ve gone on and on on this blog about my desire to lose weight. I started really thin, reed thin in fact. In college, a strong gust of wind can knock me off my feet. But a decade later after university, I can now knock someone off the ground with my clumsy walk and heavy, lilting gait.

Yes, I run. But I feel that the effort — that half run, half walk, part crawling thing I do every Tuesday is not really up to speed with the changes I want with my body. I want something concrete, something where I can see the results. Fed up — with the fact that I can’t barely fit in my favorite clothes, the I run out of breath and can’t compete on 5k runs when I want to and that my current body weight must be affecting my child-bearing possibilities– I decided to sign up for a FITNESS BOOT CAMP.

My journey to weight loss with FitFil

FitFil was introduced to me by a good friend, R who is a fitness buff following bouts with weight fluctuations and a weird heart. The boot camp is headed by Coach Jim Saret, well-known in this part of the world as a recognized and effective expert. He also coached the first season of the Philippine franchise of The Biggest Loser. Joining Coach Jim is a veritable who’s who of Fitness experts including the coach of the current Philippine boxing team (and boxing champ Harry Tanamor, Hazel and Raffy, Pinoy Biggest Loser adorable placers and the icing on the sugar-free cake Chris Everingham of the Philippine Volcanoes (!!!!I am a big Volcanoes fan!!!) This will be the third batch following a successful Cebu and Bonifacio High Street leg of the program. This year, FitFil is held at MOA by the Bay along the Mall of Asia promenade.

So, last Monday (the day before the opening session of the camp) I found myself buying things other than cute shoes and adorable satchels:

Work Out Gear – picture from the FitFil Movement Facebook page

Glad I didn’t put off purchasing the yoga mat because I ended up french kissing the pavement many times over last Tuesday night. One was for the time we had to do planks and my clumsy self collapsed in a heap of lard on the ground many times over. Can’t blame no one but my lack of balance really. The mat was cheap but does the job (for the meantime). I also had a fitness glove that I got also on the cheap while my sister toted a pink, skinny one. I look like a weightlifter next to her with my macho, padded gloves.

After hurdling the registration and the program, we came to the part I was excited and scared the most. The work-outs. In my head, I can imagine all the people finishing the work outs, leaving me scrambling, munchkin-like, a tangle of legs and arms, unable to go past the danged push-ups.

Good thing my fears are exactly just that — first day jitters. What I liked best about FitFil is that the coach actually motivate you to do your best and finish the work outs and exercises, without making you feel like a failure. You maybe sweating like a pig, struggling to do lunges but out comes a friendly pat-on-the-back, a friendly push to “go further”. It helps, you know.

The boot camp also emphasizes good nutrition. On standby are nurses and nutritionists from Nestle Philippines who assist the training and motivational coaches in assessing our health and wellness requirements. Last Tuesday, we were given an assignment to list all the food we ate from Sunday to Tuesday and from what I have written, I can pretty much predict what they will say tomorrow (Thursday session-Day 2): “I have too much of a sweet tooth.”

I am excited for tomorrow’s session. Yes, even if I will go home again drenched in my own sweat and with muscles screaming for mercy. I have never enjoyed getting fit this much. Right now, I need to lose weight the equivalent of a small child in order for me to get my ideal body weight. Will chronicle the hardships as the day goes by.

Wish me tons of luck 🙂

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  1. I like this article very much. I couldn’t have written it better. 🙂

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