The Simple Joys of “Secret Santa”

I am the Grinch who stole Christmas.

I detest the sound of “fa-la-la-las” and “turtle doves, french hens and the partridge on the pear tree”; I hate the mile-long traffic; the general “fakeness” of most people and having to spend time with people I’d rather not be associated with. I detest its utmost commercialism and the fact that the true meaning of the season is often buried in a ton of gaudy tinsel. Yes, I am one of the annoying people in the planet who brings a damper in the holiday season just by being a big-time party pooper and pain-in-the-ass.

But while I am a Grinch, I am a generous Grinch. I love buying people presents and wrapping them in craft paper and cutesy ribbons. When it comes to Christmas gift-giving, I am motherfracking Martha Stewart, with her complimenting Christmas wrappers and carefully curated presents for a selected list of people. I get a kick out of seeing my friends’ faces light up each time they tear through the wrappers.

I also love the juvenile thrill of “Secret Santas” where people riffle through pieces of paper in hopes of getting a good recipient for their gifts. In elementary, I used to have an aversion to “Secret Santa” because I always end up as the girl who just can’t get nice gifts. During first grade, I was given a small box containing junk foods and candies that can be bought at the secret corner. In high school, I was given a small stationary collection (which I hated). Add to that the usual coffee mug, candles and cutesy figurine which you will place on your desk to eventually collect dust. In spite of this, nothing can be more thrilling than seeing a neatly wrapped gift on your desk, with your name on it, waiting to be unwrapped.

This year, I am determined to enjoy “Secret Santa.

my cute bracelets for the office Secret Santa”

I was invited by one of the bigger departments in the office to be a participant on their “Secret Santa.” Of course, I said YES immediately! I really wanted to be part of a nice office activity for Christmas and I knew that doing “Secret Santa” with just two people in our department would be kinda boring and just plain sad.

Anyway, we were tasked to give “something colorful” to our respective “babies” and here’s what I got: gaily colored bracelets! I love it!

The succeeding Mondays we’re supposed to give “something unique”; the standard “something long and hard” that never fail to make those with perverted minds grin; “something cute” which usually results to a boost in sales of pink stuffed toys.

In a way, the Secret Santa activity reminded me of why I love the message of the Holidays, even if I am such a miserable bitch most of the time. I love that people give unselfishly and generously without waiting for something in return. While I was looking at my colleagues riffling through the deep box containing the gifts, I can’t help but smile after hearing the excited chatter and seeing them laugh as they try to find the gifts labeled with their names.

Sometimes, it’s really the simple pleasures that gives meaning to the Holidays.

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