To follow your dream is to go beyond your comfort zone

I am so fracking sick of being an eight to fiver.

(You: Oh noes, another rant coming…)

Don’t you wish sometimes that you don’t have to get up at six in the morning so that you can take a bath, choose your clothes and send yourself to the miserable time warp known as “the office?”

Imagine this: the long trip going to work and back, mindless cretins masquerading as office mates and worse, a slave driver that also happens to be your boss.

As much as I love the position and the compensation that goes with being a full-time corporate slave, there are days when I just want to disappear for good. Somehow, the allure of late nights finishing reports, of endless posturings trying to get a good word in to the powers that be and just trying to conform has lost its appeal.

I am burned out. Been thinking of getting my Masters online (been saying this for the longest time already) and starting my own business, drawing from the experiences and talents of my siblings in Creatives.

The good thing is, my brother and I have started already. In fact, we already designed a calendar for a client and we have quoted a reasonable price considering that we are still a rogue operation and just starting to get our bearings. The good thing is, the client loved the work and is considering getting us for additional projects coming up in 2013. This early, I was asked to already prepare quotes for three incoming design and copy writing work.

this is exactly what i have in mind (photo not my property)

I had a meeting earlier with the client to discuss their final comments on the design. After it ended, I was tempted to take the cab going home. After all, their office isn’t exactly located on the busiest street in the metro. But I remembered that I had too much operating expenses already for the freelance (like previous transportation expenses, mock-up printing, etc) that I had to be more responsible about the money we earn.

So, I ended up walking five blocks, in the middle of Manila’s coma-inducing heat, just so I can take the public transportation.

While walking, I kept telling myself, “to follow your dream is to go beyond your comfort zone….to follow your dream is to go beyond your comfort zone, to follow….”

Deep inside I was happy to be earning extra money while doing something I love. I loved presenting concepts, possible designs and explaining the relevance of the content to our client’s own target demographics. I love that I get to present ideas and people find them worthy. I especially loved the part that I am earning extra not only for myself, but also I get to help my brother who also needs extra income. (A word about my brother: extremely, unabashedly talented but seriously afraid of crowds and always keeps to himself.) The freelance work gave him something to do aside from finishing games on his Xbox or holing up in his room. The freelance work, meanwhile, gave me hope that maybe I won’t die in my office cubicle.

Seriously, I feel like the end of this year is also a catalyst for me. There are a lot of opportunities opening up and it’s a shame if I will just let them pass me by. Most required me to let go of the childish comforts and the familiar, but he said growing up and growing old is easy?

I am excited to take another step, to take a leap into the unknown.

God knows I am stronger than what I am led to believe.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I feel you. As much as I love watching the walking dead, I feel I’m one already how I go about waking up, going to work, going home and repeat the whole thing for the next 4 days. I love the benefits yes but it gets pretty lonely.

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