Lolita Temptations

In one of my earlier posts way back 2009, I explained why this blog is called KamikazeeGirl.
Basically, it’s my simple homage to one of my most favorite movies of all time, Kamikaze Girls or Shimotsuma Monogatari, a 2002 novel adopted into a movie in 2006 starring two of my favorite Japanese girls, Kyoko Fukada and the lovely, lovely Anna Tsuchiya.

the origin of my name
crazy, cutesy girls: Momoko (“peach blossom”) and Ichigo (“strawberry”)

“Kamikaze Girls” is the story of two girls who are exact opposites, “Momoko”, a Lolita excited and fascinated with all things Rococo and dreams of living in 18th Century France and “Ichigo,” a rule-breaking, tomboyish girl who belong in a motorcycle gang.

In spite being exact opposites and hating each other at first sight, the two became fast friends who embarked on a fun adventure in an effort to truly show who they are — laces, silk jacket, pink petticoats and motocycles, withstanding.

Momoko, the Lolita girl

Momoko is an ama-loli or a Sweet Lolita, a Lolita subculture heavily influenced by Rococo styles as well as Victorian and Edwardian clothing. They are heavily influenced by the fantasy aspects of Lolita, adopting the basic Loli format and uses lighter colors and childlike motifs in its design.They are partial to Pink, Peach, or Pearl make up styles, usually paired with a shade of bright pink, red or sometimes nude-pink lipstick. Their dress of choice usually come from well-known Lolita brands like, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Emily Temple, Metamorphose temps de fille and MILK, among others.

Aside from the ama-loli, there are also the Classic Lolita, the GothLoli (my personal favorite), Punk Loli, as well as many other subcultures that seemed to continuously grow as the years pass by.

goth lolita

While the Lolita subculture is still immensely entrenched in Japan and haven’t spread as much to the rest of the world, more and more individuals have recognized the beauty and uniqueness of the subculture. In fact, the Lolita costume has become a favorite during cosplay conventions. It’s a beautiful fashion subculture in Japan that goes beyond the frilly dresses and the dollish make-up and has even moved on to become a way of life.


That is why I was truly intrigued when Paul, the MD of PMP Communications (and a good friend) sent me a press pack announcing the launch of a new cologne, called Lolita. The press pack came with a picture of the product endorser, Myrtle Sarrosa, the recent winner of the local edition of Big Brother (Teen edition) and a recognized name in the cosplay community.

Myrtle Sarrosa for Lolita Colognes
I love this Print Ad. No need for a long copy — the visuals explained it all.

The 17-year old Myrtle is the perfect pick for the line of teen fragrances knowing her stature in the cosplay community and her fascination to this line of Japanese culture. The pretty teener indeed makes a believable endorser, a fresh-faced, intelligent college freshman who never shied away from expressing herself either through the many costumes she usually slip on during cosplay or as one of the emerging talents of ABS-CBN, her home studio.

True to the Lolita culture, the cologne offers different variants according to the personality of its wearer.

This came in the mail two days ago. Such a cute packaging!
Choose according to your personality type

Here are their descriptions as explained in the press release:

The Lolita line of fragrances is the newest treat from Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) that is sure to capture the hearts of young girls everywhere. With irresistible scents varying from floral to fruity and everything in between, there is a Lolita for every kind of girl and every kind of personality. Lolita spray colognes come in fun, handy bottles that are color-coded for each different scent – just a few sprays and you have standout fragrance all day long!

The CALI girl is fun and adventurous, always taking risks and daring to be different. Yet deep down, she is also a true girly-girl with a love for alluring floral scents that bring out her audacious feminine side.

CHICK starts off with a delicately sweet whiff and settles into a warm scent reminiscent of rich, velvety baby powder. Just a few sprays and you’ll have delectably lasting fragrance for hours.

My personal favorite, Cospink!

A romantic fragrance all around, COSPINK will surely captivate your heart. Its dreamy blend of floral notes is part sweet, part flirty – and completely girly. A true pinkaholic’s dream!

Looking for the sweetest fruity scent to top off your look? FAIRY takes you to the next level with its sugary scent sure to leave people whiffing for more. Simply delicious!

This fresh and airy fragrance will leave you daydreaming about an endless summer filled with beach adventures and cool breezes. FANTASY’s light citrus notes simply make for the best tropical scent!

The perfect scent for the sweet rebel with a cause

For the playful, outgoing girl – ROUGE is your perfect scent. Paint the town red in this classic flirty fragrance that will surely make a lasting impression.

Lolita is available in all Watsons, Mercury Drug, Robinsons Supermarket and Department Stores nationwide

I personally like Cospink, it’s a sweet smell that does not become too cloying. Have you ever tried a cologne with sweet undertones where eventually you feel like you’ve been drenched in some vanilla-sugar confection and the smell is just too much? Well, this variant doesn’t have that. It’s a sweet smell minus the sugary undertones.

Since I ran out of my favorite scent and haven’t had the chance to dash to my favorite lifestyle store, I wore Cospink during my visit to relatives yesterday and was even out in the baking sun. The smell stayed on my skin for about half a day before I had to freshen up and reapply. My sister’s personal favorite is the Cali which she finds refreshing. It’s now currently part of her make-up kit.

The Lolita retails for less PHP100, and will make a good Christmas stocking stuffer for teeners who seemed to want to assert their independence and individuality more than ever.

Quite fitting, since being a Lolita is all about standing out and refusing to conform.

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