The BIG BANG Theory (Thoughts on the Big Bang ALIVE Tour Manila)

If you think that this is about the four adoring dork with their hit TV show, you are clearly lost. I apologize and will not take offense if you’d rather go back.

Rather, this post is about five extremely talented, sinfully hot and hella fashion forward guys from South Korea and how one night made me from a “fringe-dweller” to a full time believer.

Okay, I explained before why from my utmost devotion to Arashi, I am now starting to discover the beautiful madness of the Korean R&B group, Big Bang.

Descent into madness
It was a cold, drizzling evening when the cab I was riding pulled in front of SM Mall of Asia Concert Venue. It was close to 6PM and the concert was said to start at 8PM. This early, the front of the Arena looked like the venue for a new social revolution. People were everywhere. The crowd, a good mixture of the young ones and the forever young (REPRESENT!!!) was listless and the energy was high. Once in a while, a high-pitched scream will pierce the air, prompting for mass screaming and hysteria. Girls were rushing, others were running straight to the stairs, I meanwhile was grinning ear to ear.

So, this is how it feels to attend a KPOP Concert.

Yes, I am also a “KPOP concert newbie” — The Big Bang Alive Tour was the perfect time to pop the KPOP Concert cherry. The fan girls, with their light sticks and blinking hairbands shaped like crowns (symbol of Big Bang fans–the “VIPs”) were just too cute to behold. While lining up to go inside the fourth floor venue entrance, the unmistakable strains of the first song, coupled with the unmistakable screams of the crowd emanated from inside the venue. Pandemonium and chaos ensued.

Have your ever seen people running from the lower floors going up while screaming and clearly busting with excitement? It was both a scary and overwhelming sight. That happened last Wednesday night. (I will reserve my rants later so as not to taint this post).

Inside the venue was pure madness. Girls were screaming–even howling like as if they are in the midst of the Spanish inquisition. Three days after the concert, I still have faint buzzing sounds in my ear. It was truly a fun, exciting evening where the screams of the crowd can drown the boys’ singing.

like a thousand diamonds

Looking down from our perch from the Upper Box, the venue can be surreal sometimes. The light of a thousand light sticks looked like a thousand diamonds punched into the deep, black sky. The fact that these light sticks move in unison, in time to the beat of Big Bang’s music was simply too awesome for words. The Filipino VIPs loved and adored their boys and they clearly have no problem showing it. They knew the lyrics to every song, danced and swayed to the beat of the fast ones and knew the correct answer to every one of Big Bang’s questions. They were every musician’s dream audience and I was simply too awed to be one of them.

A few minutes after the concert, a shy Korean girl approached me and asked if I want to exchange Big Bang fans. I got the fans from a promo by Jeju Air (Big Bang is its endorser). Apparently, she loves GDragon and wanted to exchange her TOP fan to my GD. After I told her that I also like GD, her face fell but when I told her that she can have my fan. The smile on her face is simply priceless.

Finding the One. As clear as the SUN.
Before, whenever I was asked who I like among the boys, I really have no clear answer. When you are still starting to know their music and starting to know their names, it has a way of leaving you slightly clueless on their various state of hotness. I do know that I am amazed with how unique and talented GD is; the mysterious air of TOP and of course, the R&B swagger of Taeyang.

The concert laid this dilemma to rest.

how cute is he? …cute is not the exactly the word that should be used. HOT.

Don’t get me wrong. TOP, GD, Daesung and Seungri are all hot, talented and amazing — but Taeyang has a way of attracting the audience. Must be the way he moves or the way he belts the high notes. Or must be the abs. My mind was pretty much made up after he, in one swift move, tore the white tank top he was wearing to reveal rock hard abs. In one swift move, Taeyang pretty much got my vote and formally inducted me to the Big Bang fandom.

Here’s a sampling of pure Taeyang awesomeness for your viewing pleasure:

Seriously, those abs should be registered as a deadly weapon.

I truly enjoyed the concert, more than I thought I would. It’s something that I am glad my friend, F shared with me.

I just wish the management started admitting to the venue early. That way, there wouldn’t be confusion on the seat numbers (we had to call the venue security due to two concert goer who refused to vacate OUR seats); we would see the beginning of the concert (We didn’t catch the opening) since we are still being frisked outside and so that the many people massing outside, waiting for the cue to go in wouldn’t have to be subjected to the rains.

The concert also provided me with the blessed opportunity to meet four more people who are simply too amazing and interesting for words. It was a fun basking on the talent and musicality of a group like Big Bang and sharing it with them. Thanks, F, for the introductions. And to A — we really do make a great pair evicting people from their seats 🙂

the VVIPs 🙂

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  1. damnica says:

    Hey, welcome to the dark side. LOL but honestly, was first a jpop (Arashi and Kanjani8) fan prior to liking Big Bang and Super Junior. I’ve been to the SS3-4 concerts here in Manila and I have to commend the VIP crowd, very calm yet endearing during cheers and singing parts. Although I kinda felt that Big Bang were tired from all the tours already 😦

    It was indeed a hot concert…too hot! It’s hard to replace your experience with just concert goods, iba talaga pag nandun ka LIVE! 🙂

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      hahahaha! thanks!
      it was a fun experience.
      I agree at some point, they do look like they are tired, GD in particular looked exhausted 😦
      In spite that, they really did their best to give the crowd a good show.

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    Is it possible to like this page 10 million times?!?! As fangirl experiences go, this would be listed at no. 2! Ok, before you give any violent reactions as to why it’s only at number 2, I have to remind you that we did have some really crappy moments before the concert started…actually even during the early bits of the concerts were pretty ikrsome. (Yes, I’m talking to you fellow fangirl who refused to show her tickets in proof that she is sitting in the right seats!) All these months that I’ve been waiting for the boys I wanted everything to go smoothly…oh well, buti na lang the good and awesome definitely outweighed the bad.

    I’m very happy to have shared this with you! Glad you also met my other crazy kpop friends!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Oh, it was a pleasure F!
      I pretty much forgot about the crazy fangirls who refused to find their proper seats. In a sea of awesome moments during the concert, they barely score a blip into my Big Bang universe. Thank you also for inviting me to join you guys 🙂

  3. Kathryna says:

    I want to love Big Bang but just can’t get into them. I did go to a BBQ place in Shin Okubo where they played their clips on repeat. After a couple of hours, still didn’t love them. One of them has a really hot bod though. When it comes to k-pop, my fave would be FT Island.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Haha. We all have our preferences. In my case, I am really mad about Arashi and I seldom have a favorite Korean boy group. In fact, this is my first time to like a Korean group. Taeyang’s talent pretty much did me in. FT Island is also cute. I find Lee Hongki truly endearing 🙂

  4. iamandie says:

    nice concert right? well, it was one of the best ive seen (and im still hang over from it) but too bad they didnt allow digicam inside unless one was able to hide it well on the bag.

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I agree. It’s the kind of concert where you always relive moments. In my case, it always goes back to all scenes involving Taeyang — he is just so talented. I am now a confirmed and stark raving mad fan! Hahaha!

      We were able to hide our cams. I hid mine on my make-up kit. Thank you for visiting and for sharing the Big Bang fever with me 🙂

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