Me, Today: it’s furfle and fink day!

I have a colleague who has problems with her P’s and F’s, as well as her V’s and B’s. You can just imagine a typical presentation with her in the helm can be quite an exercise because you are trying to control your self from laughing — hence the tightening of the stomach muscles (which, eventually, you hope to develop into abs).

A typical spiel would be like this: “today, we are here to depine the fresentation relating to vusiness and the bisuals needed to fromote our froducts…”

It can be disconcerting at first, but eventually your ears adjust to the froblem problem and you get used to the mangled phrases and pronunciations. God bless her, my colleague is now happily mangling away her Ps and fs in far-away Australia where hopefully, her new colleagues are happily doing fine in terms of muscle control.

Why I started the post with this, I have no idea.

Anyway, here’s Me, Today — awash in furfle and fink.

Pink is the color of the day. And yeah, Purple, too!

Here’s the low-down on today’s wear:

Purple distressed V-Neck from Pinoy lifestyle store, Bench, about PHP250
Silk Victorian-style skirt from my office mum, PHP0
Green and gold infinity necklace bought from Bangkok, PHP350
Bespoke pink peep-toe shoes, PHP1900.00 (customized)
Pink “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” bag, from Bangkok, PHP550

I actually came to work using another bag, a cute polka-dot satchel type. But, after seeing the cute pink bag from the seller, I immediately fell in love with it and proceeded to transfer all my stuff. In spite the small size, the bag is actually roomy and is enough to fit 2 pouches, 2 wallets, my kitty glasses, a small notebook, my phone and coin purse.

Seriously, cuteness is deadly.

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