What do you like to wear when you travel?

When I was younger and I didn’t know any better, I was the type to bring twenty pieces of clothes on a two day or three day trip. Never mind if its domestic or foreign travel, somehow I still manage to pack too many clothes and too many shoes for my own good.

I was always the girl with the heavy bag or the traveler lugging a heavy and overstuffed luggage while boarding.

I always tell myself, what if I happen to need it?

But I guess too many trips and too many overnight jaunts taught me to stick to the basics.

During our first out of town travel, I finally decided to trim down the number of clothes I bring and instead stick to solid, easy-to-wear pieces that can be used over and over again. Save for the number of underwear (which I always bring in oversupply — for me, you can’t have too many underwear in a trip), I decided to tone down the clothes I wear and instead bring shirts and shorts which is quite appropriate for the humid HK weather. Of course, I still have my favorite shirt dress, my favorite eyeglasses and my latest hat with me.

comfort and style.

After bringing too much clothes and bags during the Seoul trip last March (and feeling like a harassed porter navigating Seoul’s underpasses), I decided that this time, I will just bring one carry-on luggage and my personal bag, nothing more, nothing less.

I manage to squeeze three pair of shorts, eight shirts, a pack of my various unmentionables, 2 dresses and 2 pairs of thights on a small carry-on luggage. I also managed to bring a shawl, a sandal and my very comfy boat shoes–and still have room to spare in my luggage! Going to the airport, I wore my trusty goth boots which I just can’t seem to leave at home.

I know various travel sites usually tells us to opt for the comfortable slip on flats which we can take off in a hurry whenever we pass through security at check-in but wearing boots has always been my guilty pleasure whenever I travel. Again, my so called “security blanket.”

I’ve read somewhere that it’s also recommended to opt for solid colored and wrinkle-free clothes which limits you from having to look for an iron and ironing board in your hotel. During plane rides, it is recommended you stick to comfortable pieces which will allow you to move freely, even when bound by the seatbelts, and sleep in peace.

When I was younger, I used to just dump my clothes in my luggage a few hours before travel and just coordinate the clothes I wear before I leave the hotel. Now, I have learned to think ahead which goes with what and coordinate the pieces in my head even before I pack. In the end, I managed to maximize what I have brought with me (and even ended up not wearing some of the clothes) and still look good, minus the hassle of an overstuffed luggage.

Well, I am learning after all.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    The first time I went on a trip abroad I wrote down and planned what I was going to wear haha! The shirt, the jeans, the shoes…down to the accessories & watch! I still have that notebook. I bring a lot of underwear too…but I’ve got the number of clothes down pat because I hate carrying stuff hehe.

  2. Kathryna says:

    Wearing boots on the plane is the most sensible. They are the bulkiest thing you’ll have in your luggage so wearing them gives you more luggage space. My fave travel item is a black stretch skirt. I can wear with tee-shirt or something dressy, with leggings or lacy stockings. And it takes up no space. I never wear jeans which is great because they are v bulky too.

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