Me, Today: Max’d out and in the Pink!

typical thursday

At the rate things are going, I will use up all my remaining clothes in my closet by the time the long weekend rolls around.

I always wanted a maxi skirt that would hide my hideous stumpy legs and one that would look amazing with my pink peep-toe bespoke heels. Again, work can still drive me straight to a never ending coma, but at least I look good while being bored.

I love this green maxi skirt which I have been eyeing for a long time at the Landmark Department store before finally relenting and buying a piece for only PHP279 or less than 6USD. I paired the skirt with this six-year old ruffled blouse from Bayo and my pink peeptoe hills that I had customized. A nice little polka dot served as a nice touch to the max’d out outfit.

As for the shoes, I have always loved them. I didn’t have them cheap because they are bespoke pieces and I really had to think long and hard prior to buying them. The piece is sturdy and padded to lessen the strain on your foot, plus the thing I love with bespoke pieces is that you can be sure that you won’t see someone wearing a similar pair.

I had fun gliding across the office hallways, the big large skirt billowing behind me. Talk about being a drama queen.

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