Me, Today: Kitty Glasses and Dotted Collars

How do I know when things get too boring for me at work?
I act out my frustration with the things I wear.

A lot of things are happening right now at the kaisha — the sort of thing that has a way of leaving you unnerved and out of sorts.

When things start getting confusing, I am known to do one thing. I express my boredom with the way I dress. I make people sit up and notice. I make little waves. Whether people care or not is up to them.

Here’s what I wore on this woeful Wednesday:

preppy. dotty.

The blue cardigan was a thrifted Uniqlo bought for PHP100 (about USD2) in one of my favorite thrift shops; pink V-neck shirt bought at Uniqlo Mall of Asia, on sale for only PHP199 (about USD4); black polka-dot collar necklace bought at the Landmark for PHP107 (about USD2).


My favorite accessories include this long, tubular gold painted ring bought on sale at Forever 21 Mall of Asia for PHP99 and a round faux jem wire ring given as gift by one of my office mates. Of course, I went batty over the dotted collars. The Landmark Department Store in Ayala Center, Makati offered collar necklaces in tons of designs and rendering but my limited budget allowed me to stick to a black and white collab one.

my well-worn oxfords

My shoes are old ones that has seen hundreds of adventures. Bought this for only PHP700 on a clearance sale in Schu’s Shangri-La branch. This remains as one of my best investments in footwear. Sad that it has started becoming frayed but I know that this shoe has served me well and has been with me on my numerous adventures. The skirt was bought on a whim and retailed for less than PHP300.

I am already planning my outfit tomorrow. I guess I needed to log out a bit as I plan to start rummaging on my closet as early as possible.

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