#OnFullBlast with Berocca

Amazing things usually happen when you least expect it.

From spending a long day at the office, working my ass off on a To Do list that doesn’t seem to get any shorter, I headed straight to a very fun pool party courtesy of my favorite three o clock habit, Berocca.

I was lucky to be invited on a wet and wild pool party that the fast rising effervescent vitamin tablet threw for its friends from the media as well as industry partners and promo winners. The event, dubbed “You On Full Blast with Berocca” proved that even intermittent rains can never dampen the energy of Manila’s party crowd.

Wet and wild party!
didn’t I said it was wet? as in very wet…!

It’s a fun night out celebrating the brand’s growing presence in the country, with many surprises and give-aways and raffle prizes that truly kept the attendees in their toes and within the water’s edge (literally).

I came with two of my friends, mainly because during events, I always needed someone whom I can talk to for long periods of time, otherwise, I will get bored. Being anti-social and painfully shy (surprising, but true) really sucks sometimes. I had great fun with my friends E and A while discussing the stream of celebrities present (our routine was this: they will point out someone and I will proceed to asking who these people are).

with A

I managed to recognize one of the attendees, a prominent fixture of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s centerfolds and probably one of the most good looking people I’ve met in this lifetime. My good friend, E, an out-and-proud member of the LGBT community began chugging glasses of Mojitos one after the other when he saw the model, Daniel Matsunaga (who is just freaking awfully good looking) enter the event venue. This guy is actually my friend’s biggest crush and with each swig of the glass, I can feel E’s non-existent ovaries bursting with excitement. Following four glasses and a bout at the pool, E finally mastered the courage to ask the beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFULLY good looking Daniel for a picture.

With good friend, E

During the event, there were roving models offering attendees for a taste of Berocca.

Promo girls offer A her first taste of Berocca
Let it Fizz!
let the drinking begin!

In spite the sudden downpour, no one really left. I guess everyone’s enjoying the party. By 10PM, most of the attendees were surrounding the swimming pool, participating on the games.

I was left drenched (goth boots, tights, shirt dress and all) but it was a fun evening. One of the media I met was daring me to join her in jumping off to the pool, but I had to make sure that I still have my sanity intact — and because going home dripping wet will be frowned upon by DH (who imposed a 12MN curfew.)

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