I like ’em Bad Boys!

I have a confession to make.
For sometime now, I have been very unfaithful….

…to Arashi.

It all started with ubiquitous pictures in Seoul, the urgent need to find copies of the “Alive” CD which my good friend F asked me to buy for her, along with the constant need to find them on Seoul’s many advertisements.

Evidence 1: At Lotte Mall’s Avenue of Stars
EVIDENCE 2: I am not a fan girl O__O *slinks away*
EVIDENCE 3: Pretending not to notice that they are *there* ^___^

What I like most about Big Bang is that they look effortlessly sexy — the tats, the weird and wonderful fashion sense, the hairstyle, the devil-may-care attitude. In a sea of cookie-cutter boy bands with their clean cut sensibilities, these guys stand out for their masculine sensibilities. Hell, to call these guys a boy band is an affront to how cool they are – they should be called a “man band” or a R&B group cos they are far from being “boys”.

Obviously, my favorite member is T.O.P. and G-Dragon, with Sol/Taeyang getting a bit wee close (loved Sol’s vocal range) — I am sure Daesung and Seungri are also cool and sexy guys, but man — T.O.P. and G-Dragon looked hella dangerous!

Big Bang.

Thing is–these guys looked and felt real to me. They do not have the “goody-two-shoes” image which I truly, truly abhor in boy bands. These guys have been accused of doing weed, having casual one night stands and canoodling with Japanese models, but its VIPs remained loyal to the group. If you ask me, people support a particular group because of their talent and their personalities, and not because they are future saints.

To further cement this new found fascination, I have managed to purchase tickets to this:

Truth is, I am already excited for their Manila concert that I am now contemplating on buying a Big Bang shirt to wear to the concert. You see, I am determined to dance to their music especially my current favorite, on heavy rotation from morning till night:

So yeah, I maybe turning into a Big Bang fan. Who knows, I may decide to dye my hair blue one of these days.

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