Superhuman, possible.

In a perfect world, I wish to believe that I run through sheer willpower and awesomeness, and yes the manic OCness that feeds my desire to arrange and plan everything. In my desperate bid to be “Employee of the Century”, I have resorted to working 12-hour work days, literally burning the candle both ends until I am reduced to a miserable sickly wimp. In the process, I have also managed to alienate and piss people off — no thanks to my sheer impossibility.

Unlike the Man of Steel who can recharge his powers through prolonged exposure to the sun, I need something to recharge my dying cells and replenish my energy without having to resort to burning myself to a crisp. While a big part of me is crying for a permanent vacation from work, we all know this is impossible — no thanks to the responsibilities usually associated with growing up and growing old. There are bills to pay, friends to meet, projects to finish, a family to take care of — the list is endless. How do we even keep up?

In my mind, this will be possible if only I have Superman’s ability to fly, The Flash’s superhuman speed, Batman’s trust fund and Iron Man’s brains — but alas, the only I one I got was Robin’s inability to keep himself out of trouble. So with an event to finish, a three page to do list and an advocacy campaign that needs attention, what’s a girl supposed to do? I wish one of the options was to hibernate, but a girl can only dream.

You see, I am sickly. I maybe tough but faced with stress and the lack of sleep these fast few days, I can feel my energy flagging away. I am also beginning to resemble Princess Fiona (before the curse was lifted).

I don’t know if it’s because I am slowly turning into an ogre or because I was just too sickly for my own good that my friend gifted me with Berocca, an effervescent drink and vitamin tablet, promising me that I’ll be back to my usual groove in no time at all.

Berocca. Cape not included.

When DH had the case of the sniffles, I told him to take Berocca and what do you know? The sniffles did not progress to the usual route of colds turning into cough turning into flu. I tell you, DH is one of those people who gets really sick whenever he gets the flu. But just one tablet of Berocca diluted in water did the trick.

Well, it’s really not surprising considering that these little babies have Vitamin B-Complex (to sustain stamina and vitality), Vitamin C (my favorite vitamin! for a healthy immune system), folic acid (helps body produce energy), among many others.

a healthy alternative

And the really great thing about Berocca is that it does not contain sugar, caffeine or any artificial stimulant–which is weird, considering you’d feel all juiced and wired up after drinking. Literally, it’s taking your energy level from zero to maximum, giving you the energy to finish your work and not look like a harried slave at the end of the day.

I have developed a habit when to pop these into a glass a water. It’s usually around 3PM when my energy level is starting to give way and I am starting to literally melt from the stress of work and the pressure from the bosses.

So yeah, I may not have access to Clark Kent’s “Fortress of Solitude” or with Bruce Wayne’s Batcave but I got all the “power” I need, neatly tucked into a green tube. So, the next time that Justice League is recruiting, give them my number. I might be able to save the world in between lunch meetings and a power point presentation!

The publicists of Berocca has gifted me with samples for my own personal use. I received no compensation for writing this piece.

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