A nice surprise or…a sign from the Universe?

Obviously, I have been away this whole week, no thanks to the ongoing Inquisition currently happening at the office.

So imagine my surprise when I checked back on this site and saw the many comments and congratulations from the many gorgeous people of WordPress. And then, I knew why (the congratulations from Meandering Matriarch gave me an idea).

a nice surprise

Wow, thank you WordPress. This is a nice surprise considering that I feel like a victim of the Inquisition for most of the time in my happy, little office. Oh, work — the joy you bring into my life never fail to amaze me. (Yes, a lesson in sarcasm) It’s a happy little piece of purgatory where I feel like I am being judged for the most part for the things I fail to do and the spelling and grammatical mistakes I manage to accomplish, and being blamed for the lack of good PR for the company.

A little (albeit insistent) voice inside my head kept saying that maybe this is a sign from the universe? I have always moaned about wanting to go back to writing but never having the guts to actually do it. I can’t imagine not having a good health care insurance or the semi-annual bonuses that feed the obsession with shoes, satchels and traveling.

Hopefully, things at work will be better. If not, there’s always this space to come home to.

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